dear self #08

dear self,
Just because you suggested to Madison that she might like to have her ears pierced as a “well done on finishing year 6 in one piece” thing, DOES NOT MEAN you have made her grow up too early, or turned her into a pre-teen trollop.

Okay – so within one second, post-BANG of the ‘gun’, she transformed from an innocent, sweet looking 11yr old, to a young lady.

Surely two little metal things in ears do not do that?

Oh – the angst you have put yourself through – it’s just not worth it!

She is 11. She made up her own mind. you just planted the seed. (how you wish she had chosen the little ‘star’ studs….. – but it’s about her – not you!). Her pre-BANG tears were slightly heart-wrenching, and you wanted to whisk her away from the chair. But NO. She stayed.

Maybe it is not a big deal to some, but you felt it today. A mix of emotions.

Oh, she is beautiful.

You are doing a fine job. There is not a trollopy bone in her. :)

love Self.


What’s with the ‘dear self’ hooha?

Four years ago, I attended my first ever ‘retreat’.  It was actually a workshop, run by the fabulous Jesh.  It was pretty awesome.  I met some beautiful people – Rowe (who I poured my very broken self out too – the retreat was only a few months past Mums death), Hailey, Pru (oh how Pru and I clicked – we traveled together…), Mish (another water-lover), Fi and Nic (how I laughed with them!), plus more…. I learnt so much, cried many tears, and came away feeling lighter.  Wise Jesh could see my ‘brokeness’, insecurities and low self-esteem.  he suggested I write to myself.  Positive, loving letters.  Uplifting letters of hope.  To me.

“Sure” I said – with the best of intention.

Four years later, here I am.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a self-lover.  I am insecure.  I second guess myself constantly. I have no faith in my ability.  Sure- I can pull out HDs whilst studying, and I seem to have raised four healthy children and have a happy marriage.

How can I be sure though?

SO here I am.  In an effort to boost my ‘self’, I shall write.  Good things.  Things that remind me “hey – you are doing a fabulous job” (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).  I am determined to see it through. I get cross that I start things, and never end them.  So many things.

Not this.


(feel free to join me.  Write your own positive letter to yourself.  You deserve it.)

dear self #3

dear self,

You know how you got 7/8 high distinctions this year whilst at #nurseyschool? Well…. that ROCKED.

All of that hard work absolutely paid off.

Yep – so there were times when you wanted to pack it in.  When the amount of reading, research and assignments seemedw to outweigh the number of children you have, or hours in the day. When all you wantd to do was snuggle with your girls, or your WILBUR. When you wanted to go running. Or be free.

You slogged away through full time work/placement (unpaid), three hours of commuting, full time study, two exams and an added assignment.  Phew. That was a mission.

You did it.

Much love,


PS. Only 18 months to go.  Hang in there. 

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