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This parenting gig is a rocky road. It is. Truly. Why they haven’t come up with a manual yet, is anyone’s guess.

I have four completely different children. Yes – they were made from EXACTLY the same ‘stuff’, but they differ in every way. This means I need to be four parents in one, because I just CANNOT parent them all the same way. That certainly wasn’t in the brochure!

Exactly six years ago, I posted a eulogy that I had written for Mum. It popped up today in my ‘Facebook memories’, and this particular quote jumped out at me:

Thank-you for showing me both how to be a mother and how not to be a mother – it will make me the best I can be; and remind me to love with ALL my heart and show my love with all my being ALL the time

I feel lately, that there have been times when I am clearly demonstrating how NOT to be a mother (#unwashedbedsheetsforalongtime #spectacularyellingovernothing #forgettingwhentheylastshowered). Maybe it’s due to tiredness. Or just lack of patience. Or, something. Who knows. I figure though, if #unwashedbedsheetsforalongtime is the worst thing I do, then so be it.

The #motherguilt syndrome is running high at present. It’s no secret I have been absent a fair bit this year, physically on placement, and mentally whilst studying. The Murph is really feeling it. My strong, stoic Murph is sad. Doesn’t want me to leave. Likes me to just ‘be there’ in the morning. “Do you have to go away again Mama” through tear-stained little cheeks. Oh my heartstrings.

Yes – I know – I am not a bad mother, not for studying, not for unwashed bedsheets, or forgetting when they last showered. Certainly not for the occasional spectacular yelling fest. But golly gosh – the #motherguilt. It whacks you in the stomach and wenches itself around. Ugh.

They are all fed, vaguely clean, well-behaved, well-mannered, clothed, warm and loved. The basic parenting necessities, regardless of the child. Thankfully I mostly have this part of parenting nailed!

The quote above reminded me that being a PARENT is really about BEING THERE. Providing the basic parenting necessities, means that all else will fall into place. Loving with all my heart, and showing my love with all my being.

And #motherguilt will subside.

I hope.

What are YOUR basic parenting necessities?


Yep. The Clark gang ROCKED at life last week.

On Thursday – the girls had their netball presentation. First year of netball for all of them. It’s fair to say they ALL enjoyed it. Madison and Kenz were on one team, and Murph and Milla on the other (*cough* Milla ran rings around her sister, despite being two years younger *cough*). Madison received the “most improved” award. Murphy and Milla both received encouragement awards. They all received a team and individual photo. Then everyone got high on sugar and danced their wild heads off!

I finished #nurseyschool. Yep. All done and dusted. Now awaiting my last subject grade and a graduate position offer (October the 11th is the date offer come out!). Thanks to everyone for the love

nursey school

Saturday was the last game of netball for the smaller Ms. More medals.

Sunday – Madison’s footy awards. Another participation trophy for Madison. I received a glass for my stellar boundary umpiring skills!

Monday – Mackenzie received the school art award for this little gem.

Check out my proud family! (we couldn’t leave Wilbur out – he is busy enjoying one of the THREE “SUPER DAD” Father’s Day thermos mugs he received!)

What a week!
Now it’s time for some school holiday fun – and onto the next round of weekend sport – Nippers and Little Aths.

How did you ROCK life this week?


We kept Father’s Day pretty simple this year (who am I kidding – it’s simple EVERY year!).

The girls thumped around the house quietly waited for Wilbur to wake, before descending upon him in a rush of “Happy Father’s Day” cries, and present-giving. I am not entirely sure what Wilbur will do with THREE ‘SUPERDAD” thermos-like travel cups……. (maybe next time the girls should converse prior to the school Father’s Day stall!).

Madison made both of us THE most delicious breakfast in bed – I certainly got lucky!

We packed up a picnic and drove to Flinders Beach. Exploring, football-ing, walking, climnbing and generally just having fun. See for yourself…..

saving neverland…

As most are aware, the girls moved school this year. It has been a tumultuous move for us all, and thankfully, for the most part, the Ms have settled in. More on that in a different post!

Last night, the school performed their annual concert/production. It was a vibrant affair – and our three girls were very content to take it all in and be a part of the action.

We did note that all three tend to do the absolute bare minimum when it comes to dancing, and often, well behind everyone else!

Smiles were large and happiness surrounded  – WIN WIN.

I present – the Pirate, the Lost Boy and the Indian.

20160831 0005

20160831 0002 20160831 0003

20160831 0001

20160831 0006

Love your work girls!


28 days to go!

28 days until I complete my degree. Unbelievable.

Hence the blog silence.

Enjoy some photos until the cone of blogging silence is lifted!

IMG_5837 IMG_5856 IMG_5845 IMG_5970 IMG_5962 IMG_5959 IMG_5935 IMG_5924 IMG_5863 IMG_5859

PS – I am anxiously awaiting interview invitations for two more Graduate nurse applications – please think good thoughts for me!

The day I nearly lost my daughter’s rabbit

So – I took a moment to sit out in the sunshine for a few minutes today, and brain dump into my notebook. Sugar the rabbit was looking placid, so I figured he could nibble the grass around me whilst I dumped. Mackenzie has told me how she lets Sugar out, and she can catch him easily. (Turns out, I learnt how to waste an entire day!)


IMG 5225

This is what I am faced with…..


Surely it’s a ‘homing rabbit’.

Vindictive little beast. Doesn’t even come to me as I brandish a fresh carrot in front of it’s face.

I even tried throwing a towel over its head.

How does one tell ones child, that one has lost ones rabbit, because ‘apparently it’s easy to catch’?

(Ugh – I just saw it happily hop past my window……)

It’s been two hours now – and Sugar is ‘on the loose’. Still. Have given up. Have thrown enticing lettuce leaf into cage.

Now it’s up to him.

Stupid rabbit.

Smug beast.

Ha! After much chasing and threatening and waving of arms, I captured him.

Oh look – he’s upside down – smarty pants!


#neveragain #wastedanentireday

Tell me – have you ever nearly lost one of your children’s pets?

What did you waste an entire day on?


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