Keeping it real

Still – people ask me…… ‘how do you do it’?

Do what?

Parent?  (moderately)

Clean? (rarely)

Keep it together? (I don’t – it’s a facade – my legs are paddling like crazy to keep afloat) – oh my gosh – there you have it.  I admitted it.  I don’t have it all together – contrary to what others think!

Quite some time ago, I wrote this post. It appears to be a favourite of many.

Things are still the same – especially whilst I am studying.  Back when I wrote that original post, I don’t think I was studying full time. Maybe just two subjects. Somewhere along the line, I thought tackling FOUR subjects at once would be fine – so I just did it.

And there you have it.


That’s how it works. We just get on with stuff, and DO it.

I am the first to admit, that the last 8 months (two semesters of study) have challenged my parenting skills.  I have parented the bare minimum.

I keep it simple.

The washing gets done, but unfortunately the kids keep needing clothes (since nudity is not appropriate ALL.THE .TIME).

The grocery shopping gets done, sans menu planning. But – guess what – no one has scurvy.

The house is as clean as it needs to be – I have no need to run a white gloved finger over the tabletop – so we are all good.

The floors are cleaner than ever (and the children are entertained), thanks to Gloria, my superb au pair LG HANDY-STICK VAC (have I mentioned how awesome she is: busy children + clean floors = happy mama).

The bathroom floor gets a clean when I mop up with the wet towels – surely that counts yes?

I am still struggling with the squirting of the toothpaste – WHY CAN’T THEY KEEP THE BLOODY LID ON? (*sigh*)

Bed-making is achieved – but they only mess it up again later – so I am fairly lenient – as long as the effort is made.

Beautification – I spend around 6-8hrs per night doing my hair – totally depends on how long I sleep for, and how far I burrow into my pillow.

The girls all use their manners. They make their own breakfasts and get dressed themselves. They are independent. They love each other and are respectful (mostly).

Keeping it simple and real folks.

See….. minimal parenting required (until they hit puberty!).



Do YOU have a GLORIA? (go and visit LG to get one!)

review // LG cordless handy-stick cleaner

This post is kindly sponsored by LG.

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 07112015 LG01

You may have gathered from my recent post regarding our new au-pair Gloria, that I have a new toy.


I must say (and no – not just because I am obliged to), I am  a bit of a fan.

Anything that happily gets the girls involved in chores is a good thing.

Anything that cleans well, and doesn’t make me trip over its cord, is a good thing.

Anything that has a cool little light on it so I can vacuum in the dark (should I wish), is a good thing.

It’s a good thing.

Things I like….

  • no cord
  • it sucks SUPER well (good-bye cat hair)
  • silence is golden – no noise!
  • the swivel arm means I can get under the couch with ease (coz really – who wants to pull the couch out to clean under……)
  • works on all surfaces – not just the carpet (awesome for all the dead flies in the corner!)
  • it’s quick and easy to use and pack away
  • the middle part detaches – and VOILA – a hand-held vac ( for all the little bits…. (window frames included!)
  • the battery seems to last forever – there is always a spare recharging
  • there’s a battery level indicator that tells me when I have vacuumed too much (which quite frankly – is never…..)
  • so so easy to empty – no dusty bags to deal with (and sneeze over)
  • did I mention – the girls LOVE using it – clear floors AND happy children = WIN WIN!

Things I don’t like…..

Well – there you have it!

I am a crap housekeeper (yet oddly enough – my children are happy – they are fed, warm and have clean clothes). I just don’t have time to clean. I am happy to put away – but cleaning – UGH. The arrival of Gloria has ensured that our floors are cleaner than they were before her presence.

Thank-you LG.

Check out Gloria – in her finest….

Her flexibility and agility astounds me…..

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 07112015 LG06

Gloria ‘glows in the dark’ – vacuuming at night has never been easier!

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 07112015 LG07

Not one to shy away from a challenge, she transforms herself in a blink of an eye, to clean those pesky window sills…

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 07112015 LG05

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 07112015 LG04

Once her work is complete – she plugs in for a nap and a recharge!

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 07112015 LG03

Love your work Gloria.

(please note – this post is brought to you by LG and Social Soup. I received Gloria as a gift, in return for reviewing her abilities.)

meet Gloria…. our new au-pair

Yes.  Finally.  The answer to every busy mother’s needs….. an au pair.

Meet La Glorious – known as Gloria.

We have been tossing around the idea for some time, and finally settled on a battery-powered model, meaning that she is ready to go ALL. THE. TIME, and quite frankly, she doesn’t require much maintenance.  Win Win.

The girls ADORE her, and fight over who will get to play with her next. She has multiple uses – exercises the children, cleans the floors, nooks and crannies, and even allows the girls to practice their dexterity when pulling her apart and putting her back together again.  She ‘oblutes’ into the bin (very neatly), and the girls can set her back in her ‘bed’ for recharging.  She is whisper quiet, and never talks back (a true breath of fresh air), and her offsider (Glorietta) is a nifty little wonder woman too.

She keep the girls entertained for hours (actually – her charge can last for up to 40 minutes at a time!), and is an awesome bribery tool (did I say that aloud – bribery is not condoned folks!). My floors have never been cleaner……

May I formally introduce Gloria….. Note- she DOES like a John Farnham (no autocorrect – I will not change Farnham to ‘farm hand’) tune – another bonus!



(umm……. thank-you LG for sending me Gloria, she is a true champion. If you would like to enjoy your own Gloria – visit the wonderful people at LG)

Note – an actual technical review is on it’s way regarding Gloria – stay tuned…..

Caution…..word vomit ahead….

So.  I have just finished yet another semester of study. 

I won’t lie. This semester was TOUGH. More obstacles than I could ever imagine, or ever dream I would ever need to overcome. 

I have “adulted” more in the past three months, than ever before, and I am happy to say – I have come out on top.  Strengths I didn’t realise I had, came to the fore, and whilst there is still a long way to go before  things are ‘normal’, or whatever normal is….. we are all well on the way.  

Can you believe, that sometime through the middle of next year, I will actually be a nurse. A real one. I wil get to graduate with a gown and mortar, and nothing excites me more.  (Well actually, lots of things excite me, but graduating is up there!). 

I had placement for four weeks this semester, and it was during this time that I realised I was doing IT. The right thing.  The thing I didn’t realise was THE thing, until I actually did it.  (You still with me?) I discovered that I am something. I can nurse.  Not just put band-aids on a plethora of miniscule injuries.  I am capable of diagnosing, planning care for and managing the care of actual, real, patients.  Without causing them any further damage.  (Fist pump!). When I first realised that I was doing MY thing, I sighed. A sigh of relief.  I am actually something.

Yes yes yes – I know – parenting is something. It’s rewarding, exciting …. blah blah blah.  I know.  But…… It wasn’t for ME.  I love parenting, but having now discovering that I have a THING, something that allows me to problem solve, care, nurture, use my brain, think (all the things that I do for my family anyway), I am excited. Excited to be a nurse AND a mum.  

So much word vomit.  

I dunno. 

I had my last exam for the semester yesterday and felt lost.  I sighed and went to CROSSFIT.  Where was the feeling of elation? Where were the streamers and party poppers that should have been going off inside my head?  Instead I fretted about what I was going to do for the next four months.  I thought about the mountains of things that I had been wanting to do whilst studying. All the things I had ‘missed out’ on.  It was overwhelming.  I didn’t know where to start!

I went home and expectantly sat in front of the television.  Ready to watch the awesome 800words, with the incredibly hunky talented Eric Thompson, and the stupid TV, on the stupid farm, with the Artic-like wind stuffing up the stupid digital set top box reception meant I only got glimpses. 


Anyway. All the things. So many things I have been ‘not doing’. I have been totally immersed under a rock (or a mountain of books), and so so much has flown by.  

I have had many moments of mummy guilt. More that I thought possible.  Oh the guilt.  So may snippets of ,y girls’ important THINGS, that I have missed. So many moments I have waved away with “leave me, just so I can write this 2000 word essay”. Off they would trot…… And be back in another 10 minutes……… ?. Thankfully they understand, and they know, that despite my crankiness and apparent lack of time for them, they are my number one. And…… I am NEVER too busy for a cuddle. 

I am excited today – I get to spend some time in the little girls classrooms this afternoon.  They have an ‘open class’ today.  I am so excited that I have had to refrain myself from standing expectantly outside their classrooms. Tomorrow, (after a much needed haircut), I can watch Kenzies participate in her school COLOUR RUN. Yes! This weekend, I can throw myself wholeheartedly into th fun or a wedding, Madison’s walking race, Milla’s athletics and a wonderful Cup Day BBQ. I can giggle with Murph as she rides her bike, and have long discussions with Kenz about ‘stuff’. I can parent.  

Without panicking about study. 


Enough word vomit. 

Enjoy your day today!

This little guy incessantly flies into the window behind my desk when I am studying. Maybe it was his constant hint to put away the book and enjoy the sunshine…..

I never get tired of seeing these little guys. So bleaty and cute:)


Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by FRESH FLOWERS

Oh how I LOVE to receive a flower – yes – even one will do!

I am not sure that Wilbur knows what one is……

So – with the help of FRESH FLOWERS, I took matters into my own hands.

Sort of a ‘well done for making it half-way through the holidays without losing your motoring-zen” type of gift, if you will.

Fresh Flowers is a fabulous service – you visit their website, pick out a gorgeous bunch, throw in your payment and shipping details, and VOILA – flowers appear on your doorstep. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

What’s not to love!

Perfect for a gift, or a little self-indulgence.

The website has a huge variety of arrangements to choose from…..

ColourBurstVivid Tulips

I LOVE me some tulips. They are fabulous bang for your buck – pretty for a few days whilst they are not open, and then splendiferous when they show their glorious insides!

So – here I am, halfway through the chocolate procedure – and I discover that I live TOO TOO far away for delivery. Bummer. Let me be clear – we are not super metropolitan – so it’s understandable.  FRESH FLOWERS deliver to all metropolitan areas – there is a handy dandy ‘do we deliver to you’ search box to check!

So – I arranged to have my flowers sent as a gift to a friend – who has recently had a baby – and well – who doesn’t like a good bit of floral surprise!

She received them that afternoon – check them out…..

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 092015 8 150929flowers 016web 150929flowers 014web

I am tremendously jealous!

Go on over to FRESH FLOWERS and have a look – such a easy fool-proof way to send some love (*hint hint*)

(NOTE TO SELF….. train children in the art of ceremoniously picking and presenting me some flowers. or one. Either or!)

a father’s day story….

Once upon a time…..

There was a bloke named Wilbur.

He had four girls, and LOVED them dearly.


EVEN when they awoke him on Father’s Day at 0545hrs, in desperate excitement to share their gifts and love…. (and malteasers….)


Special breakfast menu was perused, and eaten with LOVE (did someone say FOUR eggs!)


The morning was spent chasing cows and generally relaxing. Rare in this household.

The mother of the children quietly slaved away lovingly prepared a delicious lunch, whilst Daddy and girls went grocery shopping.

09-SEPTEMBER001-kylieclark-092015-5 09-SEPTEMBER001-kylieclark-092015-409-SEPTEMBER001-kylieclark-092015-7

They popped in at the Chemist, for some ‘cweam’, to soothe the youngest’s idiopathic dermatitis, only to be told “go see a Dr”. Being the ever-obedient  ‘concerned about his daughter’s skin Daddy’, off they went. AN HOUR later (what is it with people on Father’s Day – everyone should be at home relaxing…. enjoying said lovingly prepared luncheon), the Dr prescribed Liquid Zyrtec for children. Medication and groceries were purchased, and they arrived home in a flurry of “I’m hungry Mama”.

The dutiful Mama presented the luncheon with a flourish at 1545hrs, and it was devoured in a flash, – pork crackle is EVERYONE’s favourite.

Small child was given Zyrtec – apparently she could become drowsy.  Dutiful Mama considered either giving ALL the bottle, or drinking it herself.

Upon researching the Zyrtec, dutiful Mama found that it was for idiopathic urticaria, and allergic rhinitis (of which there has been none). Upon questioning “very full, needing to loosen his trousers” Daddy, he mentioned that he had told the Dr multiple times that there has been ZERO sneezing and itching involved. Dr ignored said fact, prescribed 8 drops, and sent family on merry way. Chemist filled prescription, changing dose to 5ml. (Can you hear the alarm bells ringing?)

At this point dutiful Mama is curious, small child Milla still bouncing off the walls.

All was happy. Football was on, dutiful Mama was studying, small people were doing stuff’.


Small child Milla declared tired-ness and ‘yukky tummy’, and trotted off to bed. (Can you see where this is heading….?)


1900 – 2300hrs. “WOMIT-CENTRAL”. (there are no photos…. be thankful)

Not a speck of clean bed linen, pyjamas or towels in the house.


Fathers Day of 2015 shall forever and always be remembered as “the year Daddy spent an hour at the Doctor, and then Milla womited on him”.

The end.

(Note to all playing along at home – Milla is fine-ish now Monday afternoon – drowsy and pale, but no womiting.)

Tell me YOUR Fathers Day story – was it exciting – was there blood, guts and vomit? Did any other dutiful Mamas want to drink a bottle of Zyrtec?

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