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Oh how I LOVE to receive a flower – yes – even one will do!

I am not sure that Wilbur knows what one is……

So – with the help of FRESH FLOWERS, I took matters into my own hands.

Sort of a ‘well done for making it half-way through the holidays without losing your motoring-zen” type of gift, if you will.

Fresh Flowers is a fabulous service – you visit their website, pick out a gorgeous bunch, throw in your payment and shipping details, and VOILA – flowers appear on your doorstep. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

What’s not to love!

Perfect for a gift, or a little self-indulgence.

The website has a huge variety of arrangements to choose from…..

ColourBurstVivid Tulips

I LOVE me some tulips. They are fabulous bang for your buck – pretty for a few days whilst they are not open, and then splendiferous when they show their glorious insides!

So – here I am, halfway through the chocolate procedure – and I discover that I live TOO TOO far away for delivery. Bummer. Let me be clear – we are not super metropolitan – so it’s understandable.  FRESH FLOWERS deliver to all metropolitan areas – there is a handy dandy ‘do we deliver to you’ search box to check!

So – I arranged to have my flowers sent as a gift to a friend – who has recently had a baby – and well – who doesn’t like a good bit of floral surprise!

She received them that afternoon – check them out…..

09 SEPTEMBER001 kylieclark 092015 8 150929flowers 016web 150929flowers 014web

I am tremendously jealous!

Go on over to FRESH FLOWERS and have a look – such a easy fool-proof way to send some love (*hint hint*)

(NOTE TO SELF….. train children in the art of ceremoniously picking and presenting me some flowers. or one. Either or!)

a father’s day story….

Once upon a time…..

There was a bloke named Wilbur.

He had four girls, and LOVED them dearly.


EVEN when they awoke him on Father’s Day at 0545hrs, in desperate excitement to share their gifts and love…. (and malteasers….)


Special breakfast menu was perused, and eaten with LOVE (did someone say FOUR eggs!)


The morning was spent chasing cows and generally relaxing. Rare in this household.

The mother of the children quietly slaved away lovingly prepared a delicious lunch, whilst Daddy and girls went grocery shopping.

09-SEPTEMBER001-kylieclark-092015-5 09-SEPTEMBER001-kylieclark-092015-409-SEPTEMBER001-kylieclark-092015-7

They popped in at the Chemist, for some ‘cweam’, to soothe the youngest’s idiopathic dermatitis, only to be told “go see a Dr”. Being the ever-obedient  ‘concerned about his daughter’s skin Daddy’, off they went. AN HOUR later (what is it with people on Father’s Day – everyone should be at home relaxing…. enjoying said lovingly prepared luncheon), the Dr prescribed Liquid Zyrtec for children. Medication and groceries were purchased, and they arrived home in a flurry of “I’m hungry Mama”.

The dutiful Mama presented the luncheon with a flourish at 1545hrs, and it was devoured in a flash, – pork crackle is EVERYONE’s favourite.

Small child was given Zyrtec – apparently she could become drowsy.  Dutiful Mama considered either giving ALL the bottle, or drinking it herself.

Upon researching the Zyrtec, dutiful Mama found that it was for idiopathic urticaria, and allergic rhinitis (of which there has been none). Upon questioning “very full, needing to loosen his trousers” Daddy, he mentioned that he had told the Dr multiple times that there has been ZERO sneezing and itching involved. Dr ignored said fact, prescribed 8 drops, and sent family on merry way. Chemist filled prescription, changing dose to 5ml. (Can you hear the alarm bells ringing?)

At this point dutiful Mama is curious, small child Milla still bouncing off the walls.

All was happy. Football was on, dutiful Mama was studying, small people were doing stuff’.


Small child Milla declared tired-ness and ‘yukky tummy’, and trotted off to bed. (Can you see where this is heading….?)


1900 – 2300hrs. “WOMIT-CENTRAL”. (there are no photos…. be thankful)

Not a speck of clean bed linen, pyjamas or towels in the house.


Fathers Day of 2015 shall forever and always be remembered as “the year Daddy spent an hour at the Doctor, and then Milla womited on him”.

The end.

(Note to all playing along at home – Milla is fine-ish now Monday afternoon – drowsy and pale, but no womiting.)

Tell me YOUR Fathers Day story – was it exciting – was there blood, guts and vomit? Did any other dutiful Mamas want to drink a bottle of Zyrtec?

life // echidna you not!

… see what I did there!

Look what we saw the other day, roaming in one of the paddocks….


As far as echidnas (my auto-correct keeps correcting to enchiladas – how unfortunate!) go…. he was pretty cute! 014-kylieclark-082015

Check out that glorious view behind the girls – so lucky!

‘Choc-chip’ the echidna, was happy to be poked gently with a gumboot, until little people were brave enough to gently touch the ‘spikes’ with their fingers! They can get along at a good old pace – those back feet(?) look mighty powerful!015-kylieclark-082015

It appears that the flock of rams were curious too! Apparently you should ‘never show your bum to a ram’, or maybe it’s ‘never turn your back on a ram’ (possibly dependent on whether you are from New Zealand or not…). 016-kylieclark-082015

Have you seen anything interesting or ‘un-you-shuual’ in your backyard lately?

do yourself a favour …

…. and get down to the Docklands on a Friday night during winter, to see the Docklands fireworks display.

I wouldn’t normally dedicate a post to a fireworks display, but the was exceptional! A ten-minute extravaganza that enthralls my children, without any ‘is it nearly done’ noises, is worth writing about!

The Docklands (situated near Etihad Stadium, overlooking some FABULOUS boats), comes alive of a Friday night – buskers, glow sticks/gadgets, music, dancing and fun.

008-kylieclark-082015 009-kylieclark-082015 010-kylieclark-082015 011-kylieclark-082015 012-kylieclark-082015 017-kylieclark-082015 018-kylieclark-082015

A true recipe for awesome-ness, especially when you haven’t seen your family for a week (thanks to #nurseyschool).

Get onto it!

life // last week at #nurseyschool

If you have been playing along at home, you will know that I am now, just over two thirds of the way through a Bachelor of Nursing degree.  Yes.  this time next year – I WILL be a Registered Nurse (Div 1).  Hold onto your hats.

I won’t lie, it’s been an incredibly hard slog. Studying full-time, whilst parenting four children, and partnering a husband, AND taking care of myself – it’s super hard work. There have been many tears. Actually – more than I can ever count.  There are a whole lot of sacrifices – by all of us.  We make it work.  We deal with the unwashed washing, the ‘not spotlessly clean home’, the haphazard showering routine, and the incredibly stressed and increasingly (towards assessment time) vague mama.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger – it makes me a little sad – as I am enjoying the ride, but I am also incredibly excited to see where I am headed, post-degree.

Last week, I attended #nurseyschool – Simulation block.  A VERY ‘full on’ yet exhilarating week of practical learning and assessment.  I study with Charles Darwin University – my degree is online/external – so a part of the course involves SIM placement (each year), where we put a the theory into practice, before setting out of placement, IN. A. REAL. HOSPITAL.


CDU has a campus in Melbourne, the lecturers /teaching team, are a wealth of information, and perfectly suited to imparting a vast amount of knowledge to a bunch of inexperienced (actually – many students are already employed within the heath sector as Enrolled Nurses, Assistants in Nursing and the like…), overwhelmed, mostly mature-age students.  Of which – I am one.  Inexperienced. I have zero medical background.  All the knowledge I have is thanks to textbooks, and Mackenzies lengthy ‘medical-career’! The lecturers are very in tune to the needs of each student, and have incredibly high expectations – AND….. they do not hesitate to help the students reach the high standards that are expected, with the perfect amount of fun and frivolity thrown in for good measure.

I embraced the week, both ‘in-school’ and out! I stayed at the Jasper Hotel, and thoroughly enjoyed being without my family. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them dearly – but let’s be frank – I have ZERO time to socialise, and going out to dinner of an evening, with friends, is pretty much unheard of (not having a whinge – just stating the fact!). I certainly made the most of my time away – jogging the picturesque Tan track, gorging myself at the Wednesday Night Markets, Captain Melville and the most delicious indian restaurant EVER. Let’s not forget the daily gozleme and banana/nutella borek.

My fellow students were all up for a laugh, and we were all exceedingly supportive to each other through the stress of the OSCA (not a statue awards ceremony, but a practical assessment), and fast paced learning environment.  A big shout out to Sue, Matt, Chris and Kim – teaching team extraordinaire, the week could have gone completely pear-shaped without your support!

The photographs that follow depict the ‘out of school’ part of my week – the part where I stepped well and truly out of my comfort zone, and explored the city, socialised with new people (for me, a RARE occurrence), and gorged myself silly!


“See-you Mum!”

002-kylieclark-082015 003-kylieclark-082015

Check out that corridor – is it just me, or does that say ‘come at me’!!!004-kylieclark-082015

The night-view across the river, post-Tan run!005-kylieclark-082015

Oh – the food!006-kylieclark-082015 007-kylieclark-082015

Thanks for having me Melbourne and CDU – see you again next year!

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