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we bought a jeep!

No we did not.

BUT – the girls LOVE the “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” Jeep advertisement on TV, so when I wanted them to smile sweetly for the camera, all I had to do was say” We bought a….”, and they ENTHUSIASTICALLY answered “JEEEEP!”


Welcome to Term Two. it’s nearly Christmas.  

Mornington peninsula photographer  20140423 0006(Oh gosh – incredibly dodgy executed iphoto – but perfectly executed ‘moment’!)

So. We went to the football…..

Wow. What an experience! It was the majority of our family’s first football experience. Wilbur of course is a professional.

Apparently all you need to enjoy the football is a four’n'twenty, a loud voice, and an ability to throw your arms up in the air in either disgust or excitement. One of those pretty cool ‘pull-apart cheer thingos’ would have been a bonus as well. Oh, and a pair of binoculars to check out those bums and shoulders would have been handy too…….. (Maybe notsomuch for Wilbur……).

What is with the need to stand up during quarter/half time? Not stand and chat. Just stand and do absolutely nothing. I was baffled.

Loved the matehsip that we saw. We were behind a pack of blokes (much like a flock of birds, only male and wingless), who were very civilised, yet passionate without being rude. There was a mix of supporters from both teams, and whilst I would have expected some sort of jocularity and bloke ness, there was not much at all. They jumped up at the appropriate moment, yelled “ooooh”, interspersed with a few “in the back” ‘s (whatever that means), and cheered when someone caught a ball or kicked it towards the sticks. All very lovely really.

Unfortunately the Hawks lost. Bummer. Can’t win ‘em all. We had fun. Let’s do it again sometime.


Will - Your the best blogger

Kylie - :) thanks Wilbur!

meandering through the garden….the cranbourne botanical gardens

On the weekend we did a little exhausting the kids out so we could all go to bed early adventuring.

Oh gosh – is it just me, or are kids like Energizer bunnies.  They just. Don’t. Stop.  Or when they do stop, they are tired and anxty and it’s like non-stop witching hour.

I find the best thing to do is keep ‘em going flat-out, until it’s dinner, bath (if they are lucky and I remember), then straight to bed.  Bam Bam Bam.

We did that on Sunday.  Tired kids + early night = win win!

We hit the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

You. Must. Go.

Unfortunately we missed out on the actives they had on offer, which is a pity – a spot of quirky harvesting, plant potting and easter bilby hunting would have been fabulous.  Instead we meandered through the gardens, and enjoyed the landscaping.  There are various garden areas, the Australian Garden being the standout for us, with the wading along the water bed, and exploring the playground and smelling the eucalypts…..

We spent a lovely couple of hours picnicking (we took our own food, but there are cafe’s on site…), somersaulting and having fun.  There is a wonderful bike path (that we will take bikes to soon,) and a Gardens Explorer bus for those who have a little less energy to burn.

Not one of the girls complained and said ‘can we go home now’ or ‘how much further’.  That’s the definition of a good day in my books!


Morington Peninsula photographer007

Morington Peninsula photographer008

Morington Peninsula photographer009

Morington Peninsula photographer010

Morington Peninsula photographer011

Morington Peninsula photographer012

Morington Peninsula photographer013

Morington Peninsula photographer014

Morington Peninsula photographer015

Morington Peninsula photographer016

Morington Peninsula photographer017

Morington Peninsula photographer018

Morington Peninsula photographer019

Morington Peninsula photographer020

Morington Peninsula photographer021

Morington Peninsula photographer022

Morington Peninsula photographer023

Morington Peninsula photographer024

Morington Peninsula photographer025

Morington Peninsula photographer026

Morington Peninsula photographer027

Morington Peninsula photographer028

Morington Peninsula photographer029

Morington Peninsula photographer030

….. such fun…….

the night we saw barbie, and ken kept his shirt on….

On Saturday night, we were lucky enough to be given tickets to see Barbie! LIVE – The Musical.

I must admit, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Barbie musical, and I may not have bought tickets even if I did know.  We were gifted tickets by a gorgeously lovely friend from school who was unable to take her family at the last moment.

Check out my review (not your ordinary serious review – but a review nonetheless!)

Let me tell you – I was hopeful Ken would get his gear off.  That, and that Wilbur wouldn’t snore too loudly.  Rest assured – even if he had snored, the cacophony of little girls squeals would have covered it.

We only had three girls with us, and whilst Madison was a little ‘Barbie is soooo beneath me’ (at the ripe old age of eleven), I could see that Mackenzie and Milla were a little more excited.  Did I mention that I just wanted to see Ken with his gear off………

We made an afternoon of it, and drove up to St Kilda early-ish.  At just the right moment, Madison saw a sign pointing towards Albert Park, and instantly, her finely tuned ‘The Block radar’ switched on…….. twenty minutes (and a badly read google map later) we were parked outside The Block, and the girls were having mini-meltdowns at the thought of seeing the apartments for real.  The disappointment of not actually seeing the contestants (and not seeing Scott Cam – maybe that’s just my dream…) was overshadowed by being lucky enough to get into the twins’ apartment.  I must say – they are smaller in reality (the apartments – not the twins!).  The whole building was impressive, and incredibly fabulous.

Once the girls had calmed down, and we had dissuaded the ‘I need the toilet – can I use one of theirs’ questions……. we made our way to St Kilda for early dinner.

We don’t get out much, so the people watching was an eye-opener for everyone.  And the cakes.  Oh my gosh.  What are those shops thinking – all of those little cakey-type places within metres of each other.  No wonder so many people run up and down the Esplanade – it’s to work off the cake intake.  The girls LOVED the La Porchetta experience, followed by the MOST amazing gelato EVAH!  (did someone say salted caramel and ferrero rocher……..)  Thanks 7apples. Luna Park was noted as a possible treat for another day as we strolled back to the beautiful Palais Theatre just as the sun set.

The pink carpet was out, and we watched as the Barbie fanatics and their children (see what I did there!) queued up to have their photograph taken.  That was a bit much for my gang, so we mosey-ed on in and found our seats…. three rows from the front.  :)  Definitely close enough for some Ken action……

The lights dimmed and the show started.  We I was pleasantly surprised.  Sure – Miss “singing snob” Madison cringed when Ken opened his mouth (singing may not be Ken’s strongest point – but oh can he move……), but it was a great little friendship storyline, accompanied by some good dancing, plenty of vibrance and audience participation.  (When I say audience, I actually mean small children screaming like banshees.)

My girls LOVED it.  Including the ‘too cool for school’ eleven year-old.  Mackenzie was on the edge of her seat, and Milla – well she only required one wee-break, and did continually ask “where have all the Barbies gone?” when there was a costume/set change of some sort.

Wilbur, despite his best intentions did not fall asleep.  He did laugh hysterically when the over-active smoke machine snorted vast quantities of smoke over the first five or so rows, rendering the show impossible to watch for at least five minutes (I’ll bet that was the moment that Ken hit his finest form….….).

Our tickets were platinum, so that enabled us to have a photograph with the cast after the show.  Never before have I seen so many Barbie ravaged parents/mummies.  The kids were dressed in high heels, and make up covering their beautiful faces.  I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some corsets in there – and balloons in dresses to recreate Barbies ‘figure’.  Milla and Madison decided to ‘view’ the cast, and me – I was still hoping for a cameo by Ken.  No cameo – but they thought Milla was the ‘cutest girl’!  I must note at this point – we were the most-unBarbie-fan looking family – not a spot of pink or sparkle ANYWHERE! Sadly I didn’t get a chance to photograph the cast (and photoshop Kens chest…), Milla refused to get out of my arms.  Bummer – imagine the creative license………..!

Ken was very Ken-like – he played his part well, and sadly did not get his gear off.  I am busy scribing a comments and suggestions note to the producers (right after I have finished my riveting essay comparing functionalism and Marxism).

It was a very enjoyable evening – as I said – we don’t get out much, especially all together, at night, in the city – so it was a real treat.  We are super thankful to the divine Liz for so generously giving us the tickets.  Much love and thanks to Liz. xo

Morington Peninsula photographer001

Morington Peninsula photographer002

Morington Peninsula photographer003

Morington Peninsula photographer004

Morington Peninsula photographer005

Morington Peninsula photographer006


through the eyes of an eleven year old

Every now and then, Madison expresses a desire to take photographs.  I have a Canon 350D perfect for her to use, so I let her at it.

Her attention span is MINUTE – she would like to be creative, but really – it’s not ‘inbuilt’, and quite frankly – she cannot be bothered working at it.  Never mind – she can run fast!

Anyway – I found some photos on a card that were taken yesterday, and a few from a while agao – they made me giggle.

I heard her and Milla playing ‘fashion shoot’ – the results are here…….

Morington Peninsula photographer026

Morington Peninsula photographer036

Mackenzies bunnies got the treatment too – when they set them up on a white backdrop a few months ago….

Morington Peninsula photographer024

Morington Peninsula photographer025

Another ‘fashion shoot’….

Morington Peninsula photographer038

lastly a little bit of ‘time machine’ (her words) action….

Morington Peninsula photographer037

Very awesome!

Second place is first loser….


Especially when it is your daughter trumping it home at the State Little Athletics Championships!

“Second place if first loser” is one of Wilburs wilbur-isms.  I think he is eating his words now though!

It’s no secret that Madison loves her sport – especially Little Aths.  A couple of months ago, she was picked up by an ex-Olympian walker who saw some talent in Madisons walking ability.  Three months later, Madison has taken three minutes off her PB for the 1500m walk, and is now the second fastest under 11 girl 1500m walker IN. THE. STATE!

It was a tumultuous season at Little Aths for Madison – lots of controversy, which resulted in her not receiving Club records for her walks, nor were her fabulous times recognised.  Very devastating for an eleven year old girl.  She held her head up high, and triumphed.  To say we are proud is an understatement.

Race day was full of nervous wees (and not just Madison I might add…).  I cannot remember much of the race, I had my hands covering my eyes, as my stomach flipped from nervousness.  She walked so so super well, and kept her composure the whole way.  The first and third place getters have been walking for a few years – so it was great to see Madison holding her pace.  At the end of the race, the nervous wait continues – the judges confer and decide upon an necessary disqualifications.  Basically – it may not matter where you come over the line if you are in the top few…., regardless of your place over the line, if you haven’t walked with the correct technique throughout the race, you are disqualified.  Such devastation.  Thankfully Madison gave us a super big grin and thumbs up!

Next up is her first road race walk season, and winter cross country running.

Go Madison go!

I believe my favourite photograph is the one where Madison is sharing her excitement with Wilbur over the phone……..

Morington Peninsula photographer015

Morington Peninsula photographer020

Morington Peninsula photographer016

Morington Peninsula photographer017

Morington Peninsula photographer018

Morington Peninsula photographer019

Morington Peninsula photographer023

Morington Peninsula photographer022

Phew – I miss blogging.  Such a long break between posts.  I have the best intentions…, but then study, the tribe and life get in the way………

Thanks for visiting.:)