So this month so far has been a doozy.

I was shot down and put in my place by a sinus infection.  Who has had one of those.  I wanted to rip my face off.  Specifically my nose…..  The pain was unbearable – it was akin to birthing twins simultaneously via my nostrils.  The antibiotics have kicked in, and I’m up to round two.

I got rid 3kg of crap and 70-odd cmd from my body of toxic waste! (then I got struck down by the sinus killer – and the antibiotics have bloated me a treat…), in the space of two weeks.  nutritional cleansing ROCKS – you heard it here first!  I have never slept so well, run so hard, had such clear skin, no ‘girl’ pain, lots of energy and awesome CrossFit PBs.  Winner winner.  I want to tell the world and share my secrets with everyone!

Umm – I had a hair cut – and a bloke in hi-vis (he was a stranger) told me “your hair looks great . Hot”.  I tell you – I pranced away from him with my head held high, and a grin on my face like a Cheshire cat!

A all right looking bloke (categorised as such - he was wearing hi-vis!) just made my day! He said

I shared the BEST lock screen photograph EVER! It seems that 85 of you thought it was pretty awesome too!


This is THE best lock screen ever, yes?! #lovethetribe

Milla feed the local chookens, and thrilled me by continuing to take an arvo nap.  Lucky kid.

I found this gem (and how about that – 35 of you agreed with me!)


Milla helped me make this clip….. and reminded me just how much I will miss her next year when she goes to school..

Murphy told another parent that she is a “foster child”.  I had no words.

The girls appeared in their school pantomime – it was a beautiful evening – full of colour and life.  Perfect…

20140828 192615 FB

20140828 203802 FB

20140828 210626 FB

20140828 212812 FB

20140828 192842 FB

20140828 200358 FB

Madison ran in her school District 1500m race – and accidentally ran in the age group above her (the 12/13year olds, instead of 11years) and she romped it in!  Well done kiddo!

Madison just accidentally raced in the next age group up (12/13yrs instead of 11yrs) for her 1500m District Aths - and came first! What a cracker! Not sure how this will work for the next level - which age group she races in..... BUT - well done kiddo!!!!

I decided to enter my first ever individual Crossfit competition – it’s next Saturday – send me strong, fast and fit thoughts!

I am off to Nursey-school this week.  Five days in Melbourne, practising and learning nurse-like skills!  Can’t wait to get my hand on a real patient!!!

Nursey Kylie....... #tryingtolookthepart

The girls picked up a few canvases at a garage sale……. they spent the afternoon “artisting”…..

Four canvases for $5. Paint in the back of the cupboard $0. Sunshine $0. Creativity for hours. Priceless. :)

That’s it.  Over and out!

insert witty title here….

I could go on a diatribe as to why I have been … you know… absent, but really – that can be summed up in one word … LIFE.

Here’s some of what’s happened in the last three and a half months since I sat my backside down and thought about writing….

I am sure there were sevenhundredandeleventybillion MORE fabulous things that occurred……, but I am headlong back into studying, parenting, and living life again.

AND…. (never start a sentence with AND – I know…), because I can’t post without photographs……. here’s a couple of my favourites from our day at Dubbo Zoo!

Mornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0229wMornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0271wMornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0349wMornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0405wMornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0425wMornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0454wMornington Peninsula photographer 20140717_0468w

What grinds my gears?

Oh so much.

Ungrateful whingey bitchy grudge-holding people. Get over it girls (coz let’s face it, girls are the main culprits), there’s more to life.
First-year just out of high school uni students that think it is their right to study and not a privilege. Suck it up kids, do the work, if you get a bad mark, learn from it and do better next time.
Getting a passport photo taken – especially when it’s not even for a passport.
Being two vials (out of six) through a blood test, and your blood stops flowing. Thank you circulatory system for being inadequate!
Public toilets.
Box art. Or specifically the mountains of creations Milla brings home from Kinder and puts in the bed “for Daddy”. Never mind that Daddy won’t be home for three weeks, I am still expected to sleep with it ……. and her, when she comes in for snuggles. We need a bigger bed.
Meal planning. Going through a day with a seed between your teeth and no one telling you about it. My own indecisiveness. Double unders. Talking on the phone whilst in the library. Odd socks.  It’s ALREADY May 1st. Why don’t I have a maypole, and ohmygosh, it’s almost Christmas again……

Ahhh. I feel better. :)

On another note, I have two cheeky giraffes in the house…..

Tell me, what grinds YOUR gears?

A catastrophe ended in fabulous memories…

The other day, Mackenzie did the unimaginable, and forgot her Ipad passcode. Catastrophic. We are not big electronic item users, and she had a iPad purely because she has been through some tough stuff, and we felt it would help her in many ways. We were right. Whilst she doesn’t use it a lot, it is treasured. So. Imagine the devastation when she couldn’t remember her passcode. The tears were ginormous. Anyway, long story short – I had to restore her iPad and erase everything.

Whilst syncing some photographs, I came across these gems and they brought back beautiful memories…..


Lest we forget…..


If you feel like listening…..The Last Anzac by Kylie Clark 11

(apologies – you may need to turn your volume down!)

The Last ANZAC

Every year we remember,
In April and November,
The boats on the water, carrying the brave.
They heard the deadly order to run through the water
It’s time for you to jump boys
You’re fighting to be free.

And with every year a passing
Our nation’s soul’s been marching
Through country towns and city streets
Their memory lives on,
And when peaceful rays of sunlight
My face shine upon
I’m feeling somehow different cos’
The Last ANZAC’s gone

If we need to solve a problem,
Can we talk it through?
Cos’ water looks much better, better when it’s blue
Remember the Last ANZAC
And how he cried for peace
Forever under gum trees
Blue skies over me

I ask myself the question
Time and time again,
The world is so much different
But some things stay the same,
As we ride treacherous waters
May our hearts calm the seas .
Will we hold the ANZAC courage .
And join our hands in peace?
And join our hands in peace?
And join our hearts in peace ?

We got up at sparrows fart this morning to attend our local dawn service.  Only a bloke bugling and another bloke blowing his bagpipes could get me out of bed this morning.  Anything else – and I was all about the sleep!

It was the girls first dawn service, and they did remarkably well – it was only five minutes in when I got the first “my legs are sore”….

All of the girls had some idea of what ANZAC Day is about – their fabulous school held a beautifully moving service yesterday, run entirely by the Year Six students (of which Madison is one).  Milla was more concerned about ANZAC biscuits, and where her next one would come from, rather than the sacrifices made by the ANZACs.  Nevertheless, I was proud of them and their understanding of ANZAC Day. After the service, we watched the sun come up over the water (stunning), and listened to Madison recount her version of the events at Gallipoli (quite accurate I might add….).






The beautiful piece of music above – “The Last ANZAC”, was sung by the School at yesterdays service, and Madison was more than happy to sing it again this morning.  (We have managed to somehow make it appear here for your listening pleasure – my apologies if it is too loud.) The Last ANZAC song was written to perpetuate the memory of Alec Campbell, the last surviving ANZAC who passed away in 2002.  Alec had a favourite saying ‘Peace at home and peace to the world’ He had experienced war and wanted to tell everyone how we should try and avoid future conflicts.

Lest We Forget.


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