Photo-a-day 14

I love that my girls play together.


It’s not always this happy – there’s often tears, or bickering……  I guess that’s what happens with four girls in the house!


Today, we were down a girl, M1 was at a friends, (so there were definitely less tears in the house!), so these girls had a peaceful day, making up games, bouncing and having fun, without being interrupted by their well-meaning big sister.

Photo-a-day 13

We are incredibly lucky to live where we live.


I have been running quite a bit over the last few weeks. It tends to clear my head, and since I run with a friend, we get to chin-wag and enjoy each other’s company whilst we run, whereas we wouldn’t get to catch up and ‘adult’ otherwise.


We have a particularly hilly back beach route that we both hate, and love, all at once.


What’s not to love, with views like that!

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