off to see a man about a dog

Otherwise known as

never volunteer your husband for the BBQ

Let me set the scene for you.

It’s Sunday. Nippers day. We are at the front beach – it’s calm, somewhat warm and the excited voices of Nippers can be heard.

Wilbur is getting his BBQ on. He has volunteered to run the post-Nipper session BBQ this season. He is in his element. Sausages, gas bottles, BBQs. Need I say more. That man has a BBQ affinity like no other.

I am in the water, resplendent in fluoro orange top. Water safety (only where there are no waves) extraordinnaire. It’s a little like herding wet kittens. I am busy. There are lives in my hands.

Wilbur gesticulates from the shore, and I leave my post thinking something must be (150m away) awry. Maybe he’s out of gas (surely not – a man with ten gas bottles cannot ‘run out’). Maybe Milla has impaled herself – so demanding were his arm movements.

“You want one?”, I hear.

Huh. No. I do not want a sausage thankyouverymuch.

He continues to gesticulate, so I advance. Sighing.

I get closer.

“You want one?”

I nod YES resignedly. So caring of him to want to give me a snag in bread.

Then I get closer and realise what I actually agreed to.

“You want a dog?”

Lucky I didn’t say “yes please – I’ll have two”.

Yep. My husband met a man on a beach, fell in love with a puppy and promptly named him Bruce (actually – I named him – that was the condition).

The word spread like wildfire.

“What?! – Wilbur got a dog from a man on the beach!”

“Hey Kyles – I hear Wilbur got a dog from some

bloke on the beach”.

And so on.

So. Meet Bruce-bean the American bulldog.

Wilbur went home and researched him. It seems he is now the proud owner of the male dog version of his daughters –

Emotionally fragile. Needs good strong pack leader. Needs stimulation or will lie around indoors bored playing on chewing iDevicesMay jump high fences. Needs constant activity or will nag you for attention.


Keep up with me here @brucebeanthebulldog!


Milla lives her life in CAPSLOCK. Loud. Happy. Genuine.

“They CAN”T cancel swimming Mummy. Can they?” – said with much concern and trepidation. Yes they can, and they did. SO she came home and spent a happy hour splashing in the bath.

“I’m HUNGWY”. Daily. Every second. IS the size of an eight-nine year old. Eats like a hormonal hungry teen boy.

Crawls into our bed EVERY morning for a snuggle and back tickle.

Every day is a new day – and a day where she doesn’t get wet is not a good one.

Summer is approaching – that means rock or jetty jumping and Nippers. She’s still too young to properly participate, but can hold her own on a nipper board on the flat water.

I managed to catch her the other day – in between running, giggling and being LOUD.

Here she is – can you see the CAPSLOCK in those eyes!

Tell me about the CAPSLOCK in your family?


amuzeing #9 // whirlwind

Yes. It’s been a while. Do not judge. I have been living a whirlwind.

I completed my degree.


I received my registration as a Registered Real Nurse!


I got myself a graduate nurse position at The Royal Children’s Hospital.


We went out for a fabulous meal and celebrated! ($100 to feed the six of us like kings – WIN WIN!)


Kenz had her 12th birthday, and is producing produce for our bellies!

065-mornington-peninsula-blogger 066-mornington-peninsula-blogger 008-mornington-peninsula-blogger 009-mornington-peninsula-blogger014-mornington-peninsula-blogger

Murph had her 9th birthday, and is producing more noise and laughter than ever before!

001-mornington-peninsula-blogger 002-mornington-peninsula-blogger 004-mornington-peninsula-blogger 005-mornington-peninsula-blogger

Unfortunately Kenz lost her bunny to the dreaded Calci virus


My husband became distinguished.


I got back on my bike…..


The girls rolled around Southland on animals!


I brunched with some fabulous brands (am working on some partnerships!)…

059-mornington-peninsula-blogger 060-mornington-peninsula-blogger 061-mornington-peninsula-blogger 062-mornington-peninsula-blogger

Oh – and I meet Giaan Rooney – such a pleasure to chat to!


We had the reunion of all reunions when Mackenzie came home from a two-night camp!013-mornington-peninsula-blogger

We all got plenty of vitamin sea!


Last, but very not least, I applied to undertake my Bachelor nursing (Honours) at Monash University. I don’t mind a bit of research, and I am very keen to follow my passion and make a difference. Hopefully, when I can pin point my research question, I WILL make a difference with the answer!


So – that’s it for now…… Once again – there are many words and stories jumbled up in my head….. if only I could step out of my whirlwind to order them!

amuzeing #8 // on parenting

This parenting gig is a rocky road. It is. Truly. Why they haven’t come up with a manual yet, is anyone’s guess.

I have four completely different children. Yes – they were made from EXACTLY the same ‘stuff’, but they differ in every way. This means I need to be four parents in one, because I just CANNOT parent them all the same way. That certainly wasn’t in the brochure!

Exactly six years ago, I posted a eulogy that I had written for Mum. It popped up today in my ‘Facebook memories’, and this particular quote jumped out at me:

Thank-you for showing me both how to be a mother and how not to be a mother – it will make me the best I can be; and remind me to love with ALL my heart and show my love with all my being ALL the time

I feel lately, that there have been times when I am clearly demonstrating how NOT to be a mother (#unwashedbedsheetsforalongtime #spectacularyellingovernothing #forgettingwhentheylastshowered). Maybe it’s due to tiredness. Or just lack of patience. Or, something. Who knows. I figure though, if #unwashedbedsheetsforalongtime is the worst thing I do, then so be it.

The #motherguilt syndrome is running high at present. It’s no secret I have been absent a fair bit this year, physically on placement, and mentally whilst studying. The Murph is really feeling it. My strong, stoic Murph is sad. Doesn’t want me to leave. Likes me to just ‘be there’ in the morning. “Do you have to go away again Mama” through tear-stained little cheeks. Oh my heartstrings.

Yes – I know – I am not a bad mother, not for studying, not for unwashed bedsheets, or forgetting when they last showered. Certainly not for the occasional spectacular yelling fest. But golly gosh – the #motherguilt. It whacks you in the stomach and wenches itself around. Ugh.

They are all fed, vaguely clean, well-behaved, well-mannered, clothed, warm and loved. The basic parenting necessities, regardless of the child. Thankfully I mostly have this part of parenting nailed!

The quote above reminded me that being a PARENT is really about BEING THERE. Providing the basic parenting necessities, means that all else will fall into place. Loving with all my heart, and showing my love with all my being.

And #motherguilt will subside.

I hope.

What are YOUR basic parenting necessities?


Yep. The Clark gang ROCKED at life last week.

On Thursday – the girls had their netball presentation. First year of netball for all of them. It’s fair to say they ALL enjoyed it. Madison and Kenz were on one team, and Murph and Milla on the other (*cough* Milla ran rings around her sister, despite being two years younger *cough*). Madison received the “most improved” award. Murphy and Milla both received encouragement awards. They all received a team and individual photo. Then everyone got high on sugar and danced their wild heads off!

I finished #nurseyschool. Yep. All done and dusted. Now awaiting my last subject grade and a graduate position offer (October the 11th is the date offer come out!). Thanks to everyone for the love

nursey school

Saturday was the last game of netball for the smaller Ms. More medals.

Sunday – Madison’s footy awards. Another participation trophy for Madison. I received a glass for my stellar boundary umpiring skills!

Monday – Mackenzie received the school art award for this little gem.

Check out my proud family! (we couldn’t leave Wilbur out – he is busy enjoying one of the THREE “SUPER DAD” Father’s Day thermos mugs he received!)

What a week!
Now it’s time for some school holiday fun – and onto the next round of weekend sport – Nippers and Little Aths.

How did you ROCK life this week?


We kept Father’s Day pretty simple this year (who am I kidding – it’s simple EVERY year!).

The girls thumped around the house quietly waited for Wilbur to wake, before descending upon him in a rush of “Happy Father’s Day” cries, and present-giving. I am not entirely sure what Wilbur will do with THREE ‘SUPERDAD” thermos-like travel cups……. (maybe next time the girls should converse prior to the school Father’s Day stall!).

Madison made both of us THE most delicious breakfast in bed – I certainly got lucky!

We packed up a picnic and drove to Flinders Beach. Exploring, football-ing, walking, climnbing and generally just having fun. See for yourself…..

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