cavorting with the dolphins and seals

We had a cruise on the beautiful Moonraker over the holidays.  I kid you not.  It was cold. Milla – the mermaid who had been busting to swim with the dolphins, slipped into the water and screamed.  She did not last long.  Madison got a quick glimpse.  Kenz was the stayer.  She loved having the graceful animals swim underneath and around her.

We also went in at the seal colony – located at the South Channel marker.  For such ungainly beasts on land, they are amazing in water.  I spent some time twirling with them, whilst Kenz paddled on the surface.  The other girls looked on from the safety of the boat, sipping hot chocolate!  It was all very civilised really!

Put swimming with the seals and dolphins on your ‘must do’ list!

Moonraker is special to both Wilbur and I – it’s his cousins family business, and we grew up together working for Wilburs’ Uncle. We feel very privileged to have such a treat on our doorstep, and to be able to share our beautiful Bay with such amazing animals…..


let’s talk road trips and unhelpful legs….

“Disclosure: this is a paid post for RACV sponsored by Nuffnang


It’s no secret that we like a road trip.  

“We’ve been everywhere man, we’ve been everywhere……” (surely you can hear my tuneful voice belting it out!)

We haven’t actually been everywhere, but we have an almighty Taj-Mahal sized caravan that we road tripped to QLD in last year, and we went to the SLSV Nipper State Championships in Warrnambool a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes we travel sans van – Yanakie earlier in the year, multiple athletics championships, hospital visits, the long haul school pick-ups (nearly a road trip – for we almost require a packed lunch and tent just to get there!), family outings to zoos, and other adventurous places.

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20140716 1117

20140713 1168

20140710 1223

Morington Peninsula photographer022


I do a lot of driving.

We want to get there – in one piece.

I am not especially good at mechanical ‘stuff’. I am 39% unhelpful when it comes to car stuff (see how unhelpful you are!). I guess I could use a whatsit to change the tyre, if I needed too…… but I prefer not to.  That’s what I pay the man at RACV for.

In all of our trips when we have had the van on the back, and Wilbur in the car, nothing has broken, fallen off or stopped working (yes I know – unusual in itself -since Wilbur seems to be the ‘breaker of all things’)

We have driven a gazillion mind-numbing kilometres.  that’s a whole lot of “I spy”, “are we there yet” and “I’m hungry”.  No problems. Nada. Zilch.

Until the day it was a million a three degrees in the shade.

The girls and I were on our way somewhere. Most likely a beach of some description.

I heard a weird thudding noise as we were driving, and turned the music up – as you do.  (John Farnham, if you must know!)

At least a kilometre or two down the road, the thudding became more incessant, so I rounded a corner and found a safe spot to pull over, and bounced out of the car to investigate.  I figured it would just be something insignificant, like a strap flapping in the wind.

Not quite.

Most cars have four tyres, mine had three and a half (and that’s being generous). 

I wasn’t aware that you could drive so far with only three and a half tyres, with a chunk of metal spinning around.


I hauled the girls out of the car, and we concluded that the situation was dire.  There was no shade. No ice-cream. And….. no beach. Oh – and we didn’t have four wheels.

I had a short skirt on, and thought standing on the side of the road showing a little leg might get me some help, until I remembered the RACV Roadside Emergency Assistance Service that we have been members of for ‘yonks’. 

Ahh yes – RACV Roadside Emergency Assistance. Perfect.’ Heaps more helpful’ than my bit of leg! (go on – check out that link – it’s fun! – plus – I get bonus points!)

Actually – check out a couple more UNHELPFUL videos – I think I like this one best…… although this IS super funny!

So, I ‘called someone who cares’, and rang the RACV, and explained my dilemma.  As quick as a flash (of leg!), Frank*, the RACV bloke, had used his whatsit to change my tyre, and I was on my way again.


Let’s so swimming….

IMG 0951

The moral of this story is – You cannot rely on your legs to get a tyre changed, but you can rely on the RACV. I avoided a stressful situation by having RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance.  Get some. Pronto.

Check out this link to see how RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance can help you.  It’s the assurance you need when you don’t want be stuck on the roadside (flashing a bit of leg), with no one to call, and awesome places to be.

*not his real name…. :)

Tell me – how has the RACV been heaps more helpful to you (as opposed to say…. a bit of leg!)



It’s early (well – school holiday early!), and the house is at peace. Noice.

I am blogging from my outside desk, with a side of breakfast!

Apparently school starts next week.  At this rate, Madison will be the first Year 7 student to start at a Christian school in the nude! (note to self – do not forget uniform purchasing appointment today).
The holidays have been full of a whole lot of nothing, and everything.  All. At. Once.
How DOES that happen.
We seem to be so busy, but I cannot actually temember doing anything!
A couple of days ago, we celebrated the Early Man’s birthday (*cough cough somewhere in the realsm of nearing mid-40s* I believe).
As is the norm, we headed to the Zoo, and enjoyed sweltered in the heat. (another note to self – read weather report BEFORE deciding on big day out!).
Much fun was had, although the heat did prevent us from seeing much of the zoo – we were walking so incredibly slowly, as our children dropped like little flies!
As usual, the seal display was the highlight (did I mention it was nice and cool in the underground display!), as was the wombat tunnel (for a similar reason).

We headed to the Queen Victoria Night Markets after the zoo, ((just to make the long hot day even longer).  Oh WOW!  What a feast for the senses! The food was incredible.  The hardest decision was what to eat!

We also spent a day Junior Ranger-ing at Point Nepean National Park.  Avid followers of this blog will know that this is something we do most holidays, as Parks Victoria run a fabulous Junior Ranger Program, with a great range of free activities.  Get on it!
Ribbon sticks have been a great acquisition – they can be a deadly weapon though – so look out! (excuse the blurry action shots – but I feel that they captured the movement and fun!)
We spent another day meandering in Portsea – enjoying the Portsea-atmosphere and having a knickersplash..


I have rediscovered swimming, and have spent a couple of happy sessions open water swimming with a bunch of lovely people.  I even joined in on a pool sessionj (2.5km later – I was feeling pretty good!).  Up until the beginning of this week, I was managing one-two sessions a day of something fitness related.  Perfect.  That has dropped off this week – my ITB (ilio-tibial-band) is playing up (READ – excruciating) and my shoulder is also giving me grief.  My love of CrossFit is getting a battering right now – it’s hard to have to modify EVERY WOD.  Ugh. When the girls go back to school, it’ll br time for an MRI and ultrasound to see exactly what is wrong with it! In the meantime – bike riding is awesome, and it seems that swimming is fine for my shoulder too…..
So – now that the tribe are awake, and they are gallivanting around me, it seems that my peace is over.  Time to get the day going and relish the last days of summer holidays!


dear self,

Why yes.  Of course you can run a marathon this year.

Sure, you can run a half marathon in under 2 hours.

Sure – you can also do a couple of triathlons.

Yes – you will manage to pull off a muscle up this year.

No sweat.



IMG 0146


cook // the perfect pav

A few years ago, Wilbur announced “let’s bring back the pav!’

It was on.

He was lamenting the fact that the pav used to be a constant.  He would go somewhere with his family, and the pav was always there. Sticky and gooey on the inside, with lashings of sugary whipped cream, fresh fruit, and the must have, peppermint crisp adorning the top.

Little did I know the “let’s bring back the pav” actually meant – “I’ll cook the first one (with your help Kyles) and then you do the rest……”.  I have been steadily making pavs for EVERY festive function since!

It’s Australia Day coming up – and let’s face it – who doesn’t want a pav topped with goodness (note to self – ‘stock up on pepppermint crisps’).

The secret to the perfect pav is patience, and a whole lot of LOVE!


(ummmm – for those paleo-lovers out there – close your eyes!)

the perfect pav
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: lots!
  • 5 egg whites
  • 1 cup superfine caster sugar
  • 3 tsp cornflour
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • Lashings of whipped sugary cream
  • Fruit of your choice (mango, strawberry and blueberry is out favourite)
  • Peppermint Crisp - smashed in packet for easy sprinkling!
  1. Preheat the oven to 150'C
  2. Beat egg whites until peaks form
  3. Gradually add sugar, and continue beating until the mixture is glossy (and you cannot feel any sugar granules when you rub mixture between your fingers)
  4. Sprinkle cornflour over mixture, and fold through along with vinegar (use a spatula)
  5. Prepare your baking tray with a sheet of baking paper (stick the corners down with a dab of mixture)
  6. Pile the meringue mix onto the tray, in a circular shape (use the spatula to mould)
  7. Place in oven, and TURN DOWN THE HEAT to 100'C
  8. Cook for one hour
  9. Turn off heat, and allow meringue to cool in oven - usually a few hours (I leave the oven door open a little)
  10. Once cool, top with cream, fruit and peppermint crisp
  11. Enjoy!


How do you cook your pav, and whats YOUR favourite topping?!

girls weekend in Warburton

Up until Saturday – I had never gone away on a ‘girls’ weekend’.  Just the mere term conjures up an image of pillow-fights, sophisticated G&Ts, giggling, champagne, chocolate and I don’t know….. ‘girl’ stuff.

I think my two mates and I didn’t read the memo.

Our weekend consisted of boobs, (sore) bums, bubbles (soda water) and bikes.  It was actually pretty much perfect.

Meri, Fran and I first met in our youth.  We were all attending university at RMIT in Melbourne.  Fran was the PR chick.  Meri – the engineer. Kylie – the scientist. We bonded via the RMIT Softball Club (of which I was the founding member!).  We gathered a team and went away for an eye-opening week to the Brisbane University Games.  Pretty much a week that consisted of beer, fun and a little bit of softball thrown in.  I had a ball. :) I made some very dear friends and Meri, Fran and I consequently spent a summer camping together in Sorrento, and pretty much just enjoyed Uni life together!  We went our separate ways, but still kept in contact.  Enter last weekend when Fran and her family were staying near us over the festive season. We caught up and had a few laughs, and off home she went.  A couple of days later – I received a text asking if I wanted to get away fro the weekend.  I took little convincing!

Somehow we mangled together the idea of staying in Warburton for Saturday night, and cycling part of the Warburton Rail Trail. I am not sure that 40km of cycling was on any of our agendas, but 40km we did on Saturday.  We then backed it up with another 23km along the Warburton Aqueduct on Sunday.  Am expecting much bum pain tomorrow. (haven’t ridden a bike in 22-odd years – nothing like jumping right in!).

There was much laughter, and just general mate-ship-ness.  It’s lovely being with a couple of girls where you don’t need to turn on your filter. Just blurt out anything – and it was met with  laughter, agreement or whatever was needed.  We had a quick whinge about our husbands in the first ten minutes, then made the promise not to mention them again.  Perfect. :)

So – Warburton.

I haven’t been there often.  My mother went through alcohol-rehab there, and also lived in the township for a brief time.  I can’t say I had fabulous memories.

I was certainly open to squashing those, and creating new ones!

Warburton is a beautiful town in the Yarra Valley, on the Warburton Highway.  Not too far out from Melbourne (a leisurely 72km east), past Lilydale, and on the road to Mount Donna Buang, adjacent to the Yarra River.  The township is filled with quaint shops, cafes and parkland.  Many of the buildings date back to the early 1900s, and are wonderful to saunter past on the way to breakfast at Little Joe (the nut granola is spectacular!).

The Warburton rail trail runs from Warburton to Lilydale (40km). We opted to NOT cycle 80km!  As it was, 40km was probably 10km too far – but apparently I insisted on ‘rounding-up’! The trail is fairly flat, with a few undulating hills thrown in, just to keep us on our toes. It was rather overcast on Saturday, and slightly muggy. Excellent riding conditions. We stopped a few times along the way for Garmin checks (my GPS wasn’t tracking very well, and according to it, I had only travelled half the distance!), and emergency chocolate.  You will not the bleak looking weather.  Our enthusiasm was not dampened in the least!

018 Mornington Peninsula photographer

019 Mornington Peninsula photographer

020 Mornington Peninsula photographer

The stags were happy for us to stare at them!

021 Mornington Peninsula photographer

022 Mornington Peninsula photographer

023 Mornington Peninsula photographer

This particular bridge certainly let me know where the jiggly parts were on my body!

024 Mornington Peninsula photographer

025 Mornington Peninsula photographer

026 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Once we arrived back at our Lodge (the Warburton Lodge – simple accommodation, but cheap and friendly!), we showered and avoided sitting down – not only because it hurt, but we were afraid that we may never get up again!

We walked to Wild Thyme for dinner.  They had a reggae band playing – FATS WAH WAH.  Every time I said the name – I dissolved into giggles!  The food wasn’t too bad, if you like your entree served during your main, your spicy cajun salad to be more lettuce than ‘salad’, or your lamb rack to be served instead as a lamb WRAP!  It was food.  We were happy.

029 Mornington Peninsula photographer

030 Mornington Peninsula photographer

We moseyed back to our ‘home’ for the night past an interesting place – I have since found out its a temple of sorts – Boinga Bob’s place.There’s a Facebook page dedicated to saving it.

027 Mornington Peninsula photographer

031 Mornington Peninsula photographer

032 Mornington Peninsula photographer

My bed greeted my like a soft cloud, and I slept, dreaming of bikes and reggae!

Sunday morning was glorious, and after zero deliberation, we decided to give the Warburton Aqueduct a try after breakfast.  Unfortunately, we were blissfully unaware of the uphill climb that awaited us (240m elevation!).  Another beautiful trail, through lush green forest.  I must admit I wasn’t looking around too much, I was more concerned with staying ON my bike (the downhill parts scared me somewhat  – I did hop off and walk the steep parts!)

033 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Pre-breakfast walk…..

034 Mornington Peninsula photographer

035 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Boingo Bob’s…

036 Mornington Peninsula photographer

The start of the Aqueduct, after the 240m climb to get there!

037 Mornington Peninsula photographer

038 Mornington Peninsula photographer

039 Mornington Peninsula photographer

040 Mornington Peninsula photographer

041 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Such a beautiful valley…

042 Mornington Peninsula photographer

043 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Ummm – apparently this was partly my fault.  I stopped.  Meri didn’t get her feet uncleared in time, and came to her own timely, yet graceful, halt. Then we had some ‘issues’ when mounting her bike atop her car!

044 Mornington Peninsula photographer

A late lunch was needed, and we stopped in at Three Sugars Cafe.  Oh my.  The grilled lamb salad was perfect. The Belgian chocolate mousse cake wasn’t too bad either!

046 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Thanks for having us Warburton – we will definitely be back soon.  The trails are both excellent for bushwalking with small children……….

045 Mornington Peninsula photographer

Here’s to sporty girls weekends!  My new favourite thing to do!

What’s your favourite girls weekend activity?!

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