28 days to go!

28 days until I complete my degree. Unbelievable.

Hence the blog silence.

Enjoy some photos until the cone of blogging silence is lifted!

IMG_5837 IMG_5856 IMG_5845 IMG_5970 IMG_5962 IMG_5959 IMG_5935 IMG_5924 IMG_5863 IMG_5859

PS – I am anxiously awaiting interview invitations for two more Graduate nurse applications – please think good thoughts for me!

The day I nearly lost my daughter’s rabbit

So – I took a moment to sit out in the sunshine for a few minutes today, and brain dump into my notebook. Sugar the rabbit was looking placid, so I figured he could nibble the grass around me whilst I dumped. Mackenzie has told me how she lets Sugar out, and she can catch him easily. (Turns out, I learnt how to waste an entire day!)


IMG 5225

This is what I am faced with…..


Surely it’s a ‘homing rabbit’.

Vindictive little beast. Doesn’t even come to me as I brandish a fresh carrot in front of it’s face.

I even tried throwing a towel over its head.

How does one tell ones child, that one has lost ones rabbit, because ‘apparently it’s easy to catch’?

(Ugh – I just saw it happily hop past my window……)

It’s been two hours now – and Sugar is ‘on the loose’. Still. Have given up. Have thrown enticing lettuce leaf into cage.

Now it’s up to him.

Stupid rabbit.

Smug beast.

Ha! After much chasing and threatening and waving of arms, I captured him.

Oh look – he’s upside down – smarty pants!


#neveragain #wastedanentireday

Tell me – have you ever nearly lost one of your children’s pets?

What did you waste an entire day on?


review // Singin’ in the rain

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Singin’ In The Rain

When I was younger, I tried to dance. I was all legs and zero coordination. Much like a baby giraffe taking its first steps on ice. Actually – I still look like that when I dance. I would also splash in puddles  – and get awfully wet – usually whilst in gumboots and with a bare bottom (maybe that’s another story!).

On Friday night, I got to see some REAL dancing. Real dancing in a big puddle. Not a gumboot or bare bum in sight!

I was lucky enough (thanks to Nuffnang) to attend the preview of Singin’ In The Rain, at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne. I took Wilbur along with me, knowing full well that he would start snoring if he was bored. He is an excellent companion.Singin in the rain review 11Let it be known that I had ZERO Singin’ In The Rain knowledge – except for actually singing the song in the rain whilst jumping through puddles. To be honest – I didn’t even realise it was a movie (1952 – directed by Gene Kelly), let alone a musical.

After a sell-out season on the West-End in London, Singin’ In The Rain has just hit Melbourne, like a raging storm, after making a splash in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth (see what I did there!). The very awesome Adam Garcia (Dancing with the Stars AU) makes his return to the Australian stage (we last saw him with David Atkins in Hot Shoe Shuffle, and as a founding member of Tap Dogs), playing the lead role of Don Lockwood. He is well-supported by the fabulous Jack Chambers as the incredibly talented physical comedic side-kick, Cosmo Brown, Gretel Scarlett, playing Kathy Selden and Erika Heynatz (yes!), who played the ditzy Lina Lamont.

The show is spectacular, and full ‘to the brim’ with the charm, comedy and tinseltown glamour of one of the world’s best loved movies (obviously I have been living under a rock, since I had NO idea it was a movie!). It tells the story of the first Hollywood musical, when the silver screen found it’s voice, and left silent movies – and some of its stars – behind.Singin in the rain review 09As well as glorious songs including Good Morning, Make ‘em Laugh, Moses Supposes and the classic Singin’ in the Rain, the movie’s choreography is brought to life, and with the help of 12,000 litres of water, the audience can enjoy one of the most iconic dance routines live on stage, and get super wet in the SPLASHZONE! (actually – not SUPER wet – there are clear plastic ponchos provided – but I did note that the cast members were not shy in kicking around the water whilst tapping!).Singin in the rain review 06Singin in the rain review 02The dancing was fabulous – some of the routines – WOW!Singin in the rain review 08 Singin in the rain review 04Incredible skills. Perfect timing.Singin in the rain review 01

Wilbur was VERY impressed with the costuming….Singin in the rain review 07 Singin in the rain review 03Need I say more!

The slapstick physical comedy from Jack Chambers was excellent (actually – ALL of the cast were awesome!), there are many ‘laugh out loud’ moments. Yes – even Wilbur laughed.Singin in the rain review 13

Some reviews….

**** “OMG – it’s uh-maaazing” – the three particularly loud cackling ladies behind us
**** “Just incredible” – the lovely lady (Lisa) who was sitting next to me
**** ”standing ovation” – the audience
**** “ a big smile (and no snoring)” – Wilbur (my VERY early man husband – for those who are new to the blog!)

Folks – get on it. Make some time for a night out – have a photograph taken in the foyer (get yourselves UNDER the umbrella, unlike us!) Link up with Singin’ In The Rain on Instagram, and check out the hashtag #singingau.

Singin in the rain review 10Singin in the rain review 12Get your tickets by visiting SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. Take a raincoat, or an umbrella – find a puddle, and get tapping. Or, just go and see it! Guaranteed – no snoring!

making the most of the last bit of warmth

Oh my gosh. Netball is EVERY Saturday. Who knew.

This means – EVERY Saturday, we get to go to the windiest place on Earth (aka – the netball courts), and watch a bunch of kids throw balls in hoops. Sounds fun, yes?

Now that I have become a netball mum – there’s nothing I would rather do.01Who am I kidding – I LOVE seeing my girls having a go at something different. Team sport and ball sports are unique to our girls (which is odd, since that ALL I did when I was their age!), so we are all for encouraging them to ‘have a go’.

So – on this particular day – there was still a slither of summer lingering in the air post-netball – what better thing to do that JETTY JUMP! We picked up our fifth child (love you Miss A!), squeezed into the wet-suits and made the most of the warmth.035-mornington-peninsula-0705 036-mornington-peninsula-0705 037-mornington-peninsula-0705038-mornington-peninsula-0705 039-mornington-peninsula-0705 040-mornington-peninsula-0705

Can you HEAR the noise coming out of these two? That’s how it is ALWAYS! 041-mornington-peninsula-0705042-mornington-peninsula-0705Have I mentioned how incredibly LUCKY we are, to live where we live!


awesome last minute Mother’s Day gifts

Yep – we all know the drill. Daddy (or son/daughter/whoever) leaves it until 5:30pm the night before Mother’s Day. Never mind that there has been least 364 days to prepare.

Here’s my list of the quick and easy gifts.

  1. SMASH Mother’s Day gear – there’s cosmetic bags, a very AWESOME gym bag, an insulated lunch bag ( I LOVE these, and use mine every day), PLUS a shopping bag & umbrella gift set – a total lifesaver for me – it lives in the car – perfect for school pick-ups, and the inevitable torrential downpour PLUS school paraphernalia that needs carrying! Available at your local Coles! (#sp – thanks SMASH for allowing me to review these – that brolly has saved me a few times, and I LOVE having a cold lunch!)029-mothers-day-2016
  2. Jammies – you can never go wrong with cosy bottoms! take my word for it!! Check out Sussan, KMart and the Red Circle Boutique (Target!)030-mothers-day-2016
  3. For the greenthumb (or non-greenthumb!) – some sort of planty-thing! KMart stocks some great little decorative fake plants – the terrarium, or faux fiddle-leaf plant. Both are great options for the mum who just cannot keep anything alive, unless it has two legs!031-mothers-day-20164. For the lover of ‘active wear’ – a Lululemon gift card65. For the tea drinker that never actually gets to drink it hot – a moreTEA gift card. moreTEA is a very awesome little company that sources delicious tea, and packages it up, “modernising the tea experience, retain the tradition of quality leaf tea whilst making them easily available and simple to steep”.033-mothers-day-20166. Beyond the sea – a most gorgeous original painting by a local mate of mine – Georgia English. Actually – all of her work is glorious – if you are in the market for something super special – take a look.107. Time. Yes. Give the mother in your life some time. That may be alone time. Time with YOU time. Time with the whole family TIME. Make it a slow day – enjoy each others company, and enjoy the TIME together!001-kylieclark-082015

Happy mother’s Day to all of the motherly type of people out there. Much love to those who no longer have a mum to snuggle (#crapcancer) – here’s a big hug and kiss from me. xx If you are lucky enough to have a motherly figure – let her know how much you cherish her. xx


A tiny update…

Many of you may be aware that I have spent the last three weeks at the Royal Children’s Hospital, fulfilling my dreams, whilst on third year #nurseyschool placement. Amazing. I have also been parenting from afar – challenging – yes, relaxing – no! Wilbur has done a sterling job, but I think the run of sausages and mash for dinner will be happily ended upon my return!


Kenz’ first netball game (first game of anything really…), and she ROCKED it. So super proud. Murph pranced around – all bouncy and Murph-like. Madison exhausted her opposition, but literally running rings around them.02

Such a cold cold morning for footy. Madz (her football name) scored 1.2! She was put into ROVER – her response “where should I stand!”. 03

I have been dabbling in BIKRAM yoga. More to come.04 05

Cogitating my navel, and thinking about how lucky I am. #nurseyschool #royalchildrenshospital07

Loving my girl tribe!08

Couldn’t be any happier.

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