10 things you wish you knew about me

(or at least you didn’t know you wished  to know them!)

1. Although I have my surf Bronze medallion, and I am very actively involved with Nippers, I DO. NOT. LIKE waves. They have the potential to spin me around and spit me out in a broken mess. They scare me. This makes it very hard to use my very awesome malibu board. I very much need to find the perfect, small, safe, rolling wave! (No waves are needed for my dream sport – stand up paddle boarding!)

2. I am not really a rule breaker. If there’s a zebra crossing, I HAVE to use it. If there’s a sign telling me not to do something – I won’t do it.

3. I get sea-sick. Even though I have worked on both whale-watching and dolphin swimming boats for years. I used to pop a sea-sick tablet daily!

4. I am a wannabe crafter/sewer/knitter/crocheter. I love the idea of making and creating things, but the actual doing?! UGH. I have no patience, and if it can’t be completed in under three minutes – then its not for me.

5. I came 4th in the Inaugral Sorrento Swim and 16th in the MASSIVE Portsea Swim Classic. My two moments of athletic glory. No – not a place-getter, but still a massive achievement.

6. I want to go to the Antarctic. I Dream about ice-caps. I have immersed myself in Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton adventures.

7. I just don’t understand Australian Politics, or any politics. I need someone to sit down with me and give it to me in simple simple simple terms.

8. I have a lazy right eye. It can mean that I think I’m looking somewhere, but my right eye is looking at something else entirely. Creepy. Apparently it happens mostly when I am tired. It makes judging depth tricky. Driving at night is tricky. Note to others – don’t get in the car with me at night!

9. I LOVE to lie with my head on Wilburs lap for a head tickle, but I am not a massive fan of having to repay the favour!

10. I LOVE the idea of being mindful. Truly I do. It’s the actual doing of, that stresses me. I mean – what if I use the wrong colour pencil whilst I mindfully colour in? How long to have to sit still and meditate before it actually works. Why is it, that when I do sit still to meditate, my mindful mind becomes extra full, and spews out all the stuff that I should be doing, instead of being mindful? Ugh. Same with yoga – desperate to do it, yet too impatient to do it.

11. Oh my gosh – I haven’t ever owned a passport. Never. One day – I will. Apparently there’s a whole heap of cool stuff to see!

12. I have a filter that sometimes I forget to turn off. It is those moments that I often wish I didn’t open my mouth to speak!

13.  Maths is not my strong point.

Tell me something I do not know about you – that you think I SHOULD know!


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