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Finally, I am super happy to share my new look! (not me, obviously, my blog!) I have been working on this for MONTHS. It has taken this long only because, well, family, study, work and LIFE! I only worked on this when my mind was too exhausted for research and study! I started with this theme….

…. and worked my magic to end up with this! The odd bit of coding makes me use a different part of my brain – and is EXCELLENT for switching off the busy-ness that reside in my head!

My oft neglected blog is very dear to my heart. I started amuzeing myself and others WAAAAY back in 2005, with some fairly cringeworthy stuff (about digital scrap booking mostly), and then I moved on to chin wag about family life. Since then it has evolved into more family life and some reviews and sponsored posts, littered with a bit of cooking and fun!

I guess I am now aiming to share more about the gorgeous ‘Ninch lifestyle, juggling my Graduate Nurse year and Honours with a busy family, and how I manage life in general. Please connect and say “HI” via the comment box below – there’s nothing I like more than having a chinwag!

I am still populating bits and pieces, but quite frankly, I felt I couldn’t post ANYTHING new until I went live with the ‘new do’!

If you are new here – you may want to start HERE. Even if you are a regular reader – start in the same spot!

Stick around, sign up for my newsletter (yep – there will be one….. one day!)

How do you turn off the busy-ness in your head? Any tips?

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