A tiny update…

Many of you may be aware that I have spent the last three weeks at the Royal Children’s Hospital, fulfilling my dreams, whilst on third year #nurseyschool placement. Amazing. I have also been parenting from afar – challenging – yes, relaxing – no! Wilbur has done a sterling job, but I think the run of sausages and mash for dinner will be happily ended upon my return!


Kenz’ first netball game (first game of anything really…), and she ROCKED it. So super proud. Murph pranced around – all bouncy and Murph-like. Madison exhausted her opposition, but literally running rings around them.02

Such a cold cold morning for footy. Madz (her football name) scored 1.2! She was put into ROVER – her response “where should I stand!”. 03

I have been dabbling in BIKRAM yoga. More to come.04 05

Cogitating my navel, and thinking about how lucky I am. #nurseyschool #royalchildrenshospital07

Loving my girl tribe!08

Couldn’t be any happier.

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