summer, water and HD’s

You know, it’s nearly Christmas. That means my baby is nearly five and off to Prep next year.

It also means my big girl is nearly 12, and off to high school. Ohmygosh – she’s nearly a teenager. Surely when she is, there will be an actual excuse for the hormonal upheaval that occurs every now and then! Ugh – imagine when all four of them are at it…… notetoself……. move out that week.

Speaking of my big girl – Little Aths started a month ago. We are full swing again. She has joined a new Club and is loving it. She raced in the Region relays last Saturday, and then she race walked on Sunday, against athletes up to four years older than her. The aim was to see where she is at – she hit a five second PB. Well done.

IMG 5130
After a month away from the BOX, I resumed training. I forgot how much I LOVE Crossfit and running. How could I not love running when I get to enjoy this view….

IMG 5126
So lucky.

I was also fortunate enough to attend a gnome party last week, with my very own ‘gnome-fairy’.

IMG 5102

OF course the weather has been gloriously Spring-like. Good enough to hit the Rock for a spot of jumping and splashing…

IMG 0300

IMG 0301

IMG 0302

IMG 0308

IMG 0307

IMG 0146
IMG 0139
IMG 0314

We are so so super lucky. I received my results for last semester – out of three subjects – 2 high distinctions and 1 distinction. One mark yet to be determined. So so happy (and slightly crushed with the distinction – only 1% off an HD!). I started summer semester a couple of weeks ago, so and straight back into it.

The girls are in the last two weeks of school, so it’s time for Christmas parties, birthday parties, Christmas tree hunting and general mayhem! We are very much looking forward to relaxing, Nippering, Aths-ing and just BEING.

(unbelievably, this feeble post has taken my a week to write…. here’s hoping I can get a little more going….)

Tell me what’s been amuzeing you lately……


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