Yes. It’s been a while. Do not judge. I have been living a whirlwind.

I completed my degree.


I received my registration as a Registered Real Nurse!


I got myself a graduate nurse position at The Royal Children’s Hospital.


We went out for a fabulous meal and celebrated! ($100 to feed the six of us like kings – WIN WIN!)


Kenz had her 12th birthday, and is producing produce for our bellies!

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Murph had her 9th birthday, and is producing more noise and laughter than ever before!

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Unfortunately Kenz lost her bunny to the dreaded Calci virus


My husband became distinguished.


I got back on my bike…..


The girls rolled around Southland on animals!


I brunched with some fabulous brands (am working on some partnerships!)…

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Oh – and I meet Giaan Rooney – such a pleasure to chat to!


We had the reunion of all reunions when Mackenzie came home from a two-night camp!013-mornington-peninsula-blogger

We all got plenty of vitamin sea!


Last, but very not least, I applied to undertake my Bachelor nursing (Honours) at Monash University. I don’t mind a bit of research, and I am very keen to follow my passion and make a difference. Hopefully, when I can pin point my research question, I WILL make a difference with the answer!


So – that’s it for now…… Once again – there are many words and stories jumbled up in my head….. if only I could step out of my whirlwind to order them!

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