Aussie aussie aussie

Yes.  I am aware I am late to the party.  Australia Day was a few days ago.  Who cares!  We are aussies EVERY DAY – so I can share when I want (and quite frankly – I haven’t had a second to sit down in front of my computer, let alone download photos and blog about them!)

We had a fabulous Australia Day – the girls competed in a Nipper Carnival, and I competed in the inaugural Club Championships!  It sounds way way better than what it was – there were not many females – in fact – there was three ( 1 in the Open, and two of us Masters!). I flew the Masters flag by triumphantly (read – staggered) crossing the finishing line first!  🙂  The we finished the day with a BBQ with some friends, and then watching the local fireworks.

Here are my gang…. tattooed and dirty – but happy!

Morington Peninsula photographer024

Morington Peninsula photographer025

Morington Peninsula photographer026

Morington Peninsula photographer023

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