Can I bottle her?

Oh this Milla -bear is a treat.  She keeps me on my toes in more way than I could ever imagine.  She has everyone wrapped around her finger and can get anything she wants, yet is so compliant when things don’t go her way, and we give her an alternative.  She has Wilbur completely sorted – even to the point where she coerced him into painting her fingernails.  NONE of the other girls have managed that!   She and her little nude self slide into bed next to me most mornings, and then wiggles into a spot whereby I only have half on my pillow, and three inches of bed space.  She has a need to be always touching me, and will fling her little arm across me, with a force akin to her Daddy! When she needs a nap, but it’s just too late in the day, I throw hew into the bath, or a trickle of shower – peace for at least a few minutes.  She loves nothing more than a snuggle, and hates to have her gorgeous hair de-knotted.  it’s only when I threaten her with ‘I’ll cut it off if you like’, that she sits somewhat patiently whilst I have at it!  Her skin and smile melt me. She is turning four in exactly three months.  *insert sad face*.  Such a little frustrating bundle of ace-ness!

Mornington peninsula photographer023

Mornington peninsula photographer022

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