Milla lives her life in CAPSLOCK. Loud. Happy. Genuine.

“They CAN”T cancel swimming Mummy. Can they?” – said with much concern and trepidation. Yes they can, and they did. SO she came home and spent a happy hour splashing in the bath.

“I’m HUNGWY”. Daily. Every second. IS the size of an eight-nine year old. Eats like a hormonal hungry teen boy.

Crawls into our bed EVERY morning for a snuggle and back tickle.

Every day is a new day – and a day where she doesn’t get wet is not a good one.

Summer is approaching – that means rock or jetty jumping and Nippers. She’s still too young to properly participate, but can hold her own on a nipper board on the flat water.

I managed to catch her the other day – in between running, giggling and being LOUD.

Here she is – can you see the CAPSLOCK in those eyes!

Tell me about the CAPSLOCK in your family?


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