elephant eating….

I took this photograph yesterday as the girls and I were wondering home from what is becoming a bit of a Sunday ritual – walking to the local shops for a treat.  (when I say ritual – we have done it twice now…. surely that’s enough….!)

Mornington Peninsula photographer

I of course am in major ‘ohmygoshwhathaveistarted’ mode.  For those unaware, i am in my first semester of a Bachelor nursing degree, via external study, through Charles Darwin Uni.  I started out thinking I could manage full-time, and then a few weeks in (and already four weeks behind due to crappy appendix and no textbooks), I realised that maybe part-time was the way to go.  Duh.

I am undertaking two subjects, one of which is the biggest and most important building block – Anatomy & Physiology 2.  Yes – 2.  Maybe I should have done 1 first. How I managed full-time study. the equivalent of a full-time job, PLUS socialising and sporting activities 20 years ago is well and truly beyond me.  Now all I have is four little girls, and (here’s the kicker) NO BLOODY BRAIN, (because said girls have sucked it out of me).  I cannot retain a thing.  In one ear, and out the other.

I do note that my procrastination skills are still highly commendable! 🙂

So – as I was stressing away on how much I need to do, how far behind I am, and slowly coming to the realisation that I might only just scrape a PASS, a very wise friend told me this….

“How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”

Please excuse me whilst I go and gorge myself……

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