wilbur+ism // fathers Day wrap-up….

Thank-you for your kind words regarding Wilburs first foray into Daddy blogging.  next time I will be sure to filter/edit his post more thoroughly!  I decline to acknowledge whether or not ALL of his Fathers Day wishes came true – but I do know that there was a whole heap of cuddles and kisses going on!

We spent a whole HOUR at the Peninsula Hotsprings in the morning.  I never knew the Hotsprings could be so relaxing with four children…. said no-one ever. 😉 We did enjoy ourselves – mosying from pool to heated pool culminating in a glorious view from the hill-top pool.  Is it just me, or did all the pools miraculously empty when the other guests heard saw us coming?!

I spent the afternoon at the Monash Uni library, whilst Wilbur had some quality Daddy-girl time.  Between you and me – I think my quiet time was WAY more relaxing…..

Mornington peninsula photographer 20130901

I must say ’twas a bit of a treat having Wilbur home for Fathers Day.  Here’s to many more! His Fathers Day gift is still on its way…… I ran out of time!  Sorry Wilbur – should be here next week!  

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