finding my feet

I had a mini-meltdown last night.  Unfortunately there was no-one to appreciate it – and by appreciate – I mean watch, assess and cuddle.  So really – it was a wasted meltdown.  

I have a big exam in four weeks, and I was melting down about how behind I am, how much I need to learn and the mini-tests between now and then.  Basically I was freaking out.  I decided to pull the pin on the subject and rang a beautiful friend for teary support.  She of course was level-headed and wonderful, and said all the right things.  Then I pulled myself together and posed a question in my Facebook external students study group that asked whether this subject ran in semester one, and that it was all too much for me – I felt I needed to quit whilst I was ahead.  The girls and guy rallied around me in an instant – egging me on to keep going – if I stop now – I will definitely get an F against my name, but if I keep going, I much just surprise myself. Don’t try to learn everything, work ion past exam papers – they gave me many tips.  I opened my books back up, and did the current online mini-test.  

I aced it with a score of 19/20.

Thank goodness for open-book.  

I am not sure that I am retaining much – but I think I may be doing better than I thought.  Then someone chimed in and let me know that if I pass all the other assessments, I only need around 15 marks in the final exam for a pass.

I am finding my metaphorical feet.

Wilbur also gave me a tip – “wear a long skirt and write all the answers on your long legs”.

I informed him that NEVER in all my years had I EVER cheated in any assessment.  I am not sure that now is the right time to start!!!!  Plus – has anyone ever known me to wear a LONG skirt!!!

Bring. It On.  

I went for a run yesterday – and finally after a year of achilles tendon recuperation – I found my feet.  The real ones.  5km in 28:028.  That number made me happy and cross.  Cross becuse it was only 5 seconds off my best 5km ever over a year ago.  Happy because I ‘interval-ed’ this one – run 3mins, walk 1min.  Boom.  Maybe there is a slow half-marathon in me yet for this year  – possibly the Sussan Half Marathon.  Anyone in?  

Mornington peninsula photographer sept001

NOTE: Some may wonder why it is that I am blogging and also complaining about having not time to study.  Why am I not studying instead of blogging? The answer – its school holidays and I have four little people here that make it hard to study. I study at night when they are knocked out with phenergen in bed. I can whip a quick blog post up in the day via iPad, or whatnot. I am finding it cathartic. I feel the need to get into a blogging groove, just so I can release the jumble of thoughts in my head, and make room for the A&P stuff that I need to retain.  

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  • Don’t EVER feel the need to justify your need to Blog. As a working and studying mum of four, I’m sure anyone can understand your need to release what’s in your head.
    Good on you for cracking on with the study too. I’ve seen you have meltdowns and cram before exams and do fine. Remeber, you only need to pass.
    Best of luck. xx