getting things done

That’s how I roll at the present.  Getting. Things. Done.  I have ALOT to do. I spent today doing it.  Inbetween turning somersaults with the Mackenzinator and clapping when Murph stood up!  I have a waiting list on blog{ART} longer than my legs – and I have it on good authority that my legs are long (thanks darling Wilbur).  So – for now – the wait list is closed.  Gotta catch up before I go crazy!

Speaking of Wilbur – he is home tomorrow night.  I have three little girls that are almost jumping out of their little bodies to jump on him.  Get in line kids!  I am first!

Today – editing, blog{ART}ing, troubleshooting, problem solving and a bit of fun thrown in.  Lots of reading with the Mackenzinator.  She is in Kinder this year – and LOVES it.  We are not 100% positive that she is going to make it to school next year.  That’s just how she is.  She is going to be assessed by a speech therapist next term – just to see where we are at.   So – we picked up some extra books from Kinder yesterday – coz it gets a little tiring reading the same ones over and over (I guess that’s why there is a libraby – but I ALWAYS forget to return my books!).  She picked four books – all about some sort of sealife.  So we sat.  And read.  And read again.  Each time she was enthralled.  Murph is getting into the whole book thing too.  She has two special sturdy books of her own.  She pickes them up and sits on the couch for a peek.  So sweet.  We make the appropriate animal noise – well – I do – she just giggles and looks at me as if to say – “hey mum – why are you making that funny noise!”  I giggle back and tickle her.  Love.

Madison trotted off to HIP HOP tonight.  Such a little groover.  I haven’t seen many of her moves yet – although she did show me some sort of very un-PG-rated gyration the other day! We sat down and read her books tonight too.  Finally she is starting to ‘get it’.  Yay!

I MUST share these edits from AGES ago.

I LOVE grandad’s face in this one!


I LOVE the playfulness of this one!


Tomorrow -Kenzie has Kinder, Murph has Take a break and Madison has school.  I get two and a half hours of child-freeness.  It’s my time for a run -  6km running in the morning – gotta get ready for the Run For The Kids on 5th April.  Please whip over to here and read my story – and sponsor or donate – it is for a VERY worthy cause – the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The afternoon – naptime for the Kenz and the Murph before Mackenzie’s cardiologist appointment (hence the Run For the Kids to raise money for the RCH!). The it must be time to get Madison home and all settled before the Cyclone walks through that door!

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