review // i gave birth to a fish and her name is Milla ….

Milla is a water babe.

She will locate water EVERYWHERE. Her bathers are her first and only choice of attire. Any bathers. If there are no bathers, she will happily substitute with nude. Her weekly swimming lesson is the absolute highlight of her week, and is anticipated with the same amount of enthusiasm as I anticipate a night of sleep without interruption. She asks every morning without fail whether she will swim today. She doesn’t care where – as long as she ‘wims’.

Last night, I happened to mention in passing to MAdison – ‘make sure you have everything ready for your Swimming Carnival tomorrow’. Milla’s ears pricked up rather like a dog’s hackles. Before I could say anything, she had rushed to various places around the house, and come out with her necessities for ‘wimming’. Bathers, goggles, knickers and t-shirt (apparently no shorts/skirt necessary). She announced in her little demanding singsong way – ‘I not have a towel Mummy’. Which is code for – please get me a towel Mummy, I will need one when I go swimming tomorrow. sigh I had a feeling there was a little toddler pool at the facility where Madison’s District Swim Carnival was to be held – so I ensured we had the necessary paraphernalia for ‘wimming’.

Luckily for Milla (and I!), there WAS a toddler pool today, and my gosh, did she make the most of it. She strutted through that thing in her ruffled neon pink bathers like she owned it. Nearly three hours of swimming was her idea of heaven, and she lapped it up (pardon the amazing pun!). I whipped out my VERY trusty iPhone covered in its LIFEPROOF case, and photographed my own little fish – the best fish I ever did see!

EDITED TO ADD>>>>>I have to say – the LifeProof case is AWESOME.  I have had one for a while now, and it has survived countless drops, photographed and filmed underwater many times, and has never missed a beat.  The new LifeProof for the iPhone 5 is even better, more streamlined, and the headphone jack plug is attached to the case – so I can’t lose it when I plug in my headphones.  I recommend it to EVERYONE I see – and have never heard a complaint!

The first photograph is how she starts every swim – rocket arms as straight as can be. Then it is cheeky face all the way!

On a side note – Madison represented her school well – especially considering she raced in the next age group up due to an oversight on her age. Rather than swimming with the 9/10 year olds, she swam with the 11 year olds. She held her own, coming 4th and 5th in her freestyle and backstroke races respectively. Had she been in the correct age group, I have no doubt that she would have made it through to the Zone Championships next week. Oh well – there’s always next year! As far as she was concerned, she was ecstatic to be swimming for her school rather than in school doing school work!

Another side note – we have recovered nicely from our less than stellar day on Monday. We spent the day slightly shell-shocked yesterday, and pulled up well today. Mackenzie is doing just fine, she hears EVERYTHING, and still has a sore throat – as you do when you get a massive tube forced down your throat when you stop breathing! ‘That’ll learn her!’

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