it’s a wrap (an empty wrap!)…

Yep – Easter is over and done for another year.  Now – if only I had enough will-power to eat less chocolate!  Grrrr.

Yesterday (EASTER SUNDAY) was a lovely day.  tTe girls and I met up with a mate of mine for lucnh – a 60 minute drive away – how did I amuse the girls in the car I hear you ask?  ‘The Cat in the Hat’ – that’s how!  I nearly know that DVD word for word!  I threw the portable DVD thingy into the back of the car, and the girls were set!!!!  WHen we got back home – my cuz Annabelle, and her fiance Louis had left a message to say they were down – so they popped over and helped up to finish off the yummo bag of prawns that were taking up valuable fridge space!  AND to top it all off – some other buddies came over for dinner and we all had fish and chips!  What a treat!

But of course – before all that happened – Madison discovered that the Easter Bunny had paid her a visit (at 6:00amhe made this discovery!).  Messy little bugger – he left lettuce, footprints and bits of his tail all over the house!

Check this one out:


  This was Mackenzie’s first Easter that she ‘understood – sort of’!  She has discovered an affinity for chocolate – but doesn’t quite know how to get to it!!!! Credits can be found: HERE.

By the end of today though – she is a little champ at unwrapping mini-eggs and eats as many as she can find! 

We went out to the farm today, and Cath had hidden lots of mini-eggs around their house and in the trees – Madison had a great time hunting – holding onto her little basket.  Bringing up the rear – was Mackenzie – didn’t find many eggs – too busy discovering the delights of chocolate and unwrapping!  Photos to come at a later stage – hopefully they will be emailed to me!!!!  Gotta love digi!

Earlier this week – Mdison and I painted eggs- I have a number of photos from this occaision – but have obly scrapped one – and this is my new FAVOURITE layout (not that I even had an old favourite!!)

{painting eggs}

She was having such a wonderful time – acrylic paint everywhere – I think I managed to capture her happiness and concentration with theis snap!  Credits for this one can be found HERE.  I am really happy with this one – I really enjoyed the whole adding of fasteners to the page.  It really adds a whole new dimension – and gives plebnty to lok at.  I am wroking on an ESSENTIAL FASTENERS kit – coz I can never seem to find what I want when I want it – all at once.  If I throw everything together – hey presto – there it all is!! 🙂

Righto – back to normal tomorrow.  I have to really start thinking about what I am going to scrap for the third aasignment in the SYWTBASB contest over at SWEET SHOOPE.  I have a few ideas – and I was assigned a fantabulous mini-kit by Mindy Terawasa – so all will be schuweet (pardon the pun!) when I get it done!!!!!

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  • Sounds like the kids had a fabulous time Kylie.. LOVE those footprints! We left out carrot and water for the little hopper who then left half chewed bits of carrot everywhere the little bugger! ROFL (oh and a bit of tail too) LOVE those footprints!

    Too funny about your fasteners kit! I don’t do a lot of fasteners in my kits because I don’t use them much, but I am in the process of putting together a bits n’bobs kit of brads, fastners etc etc etc.. He he The more the merrier! 😉

    Gorgeous layouts by the way!