just keep swimming….

It is just under 5 weeks until I can get this babe out! Not that I am counting of course.  We have nowhere to put it.  Wilbur assures me that all will be fine.  WHAT!  Is he thinking that a magic fairy will appear and suddenly make our tiny teeny ‘just three bedroom’ home shack (and that is being generous!)  big enough.  Oh well – surely it can go in a box somewhere.  Note to self: remember not to put said box out for recycle collection with baby in it.

Seriously though – we don’t have alot of room in this house.  There are no cupboards, and stuff is just sort of piled up. We are going to have a big throw out in the next week or two (in all my spare time).  We are also going to do a spot of painting and redecorating – just so the house feels a little more loved.  We are having Mackenzie and Murphy’s combined birthday party in a few weeks, so it would be nice if the house was looking spit spot by then.  Before and after pictures to come (once again – in my spare time!).

As for this pregnancy – I am now at 34 weeks.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Not feeling too bad really.  My main gripe is a ‘puffy vein’ that appears ‘right where you don’t want it’ (read between the lines people….).  The solution – take it easy and stay off my feet.  Yep.  Sure thing.  Will do – when someone invents a clone of me.  Oh – and did I mention the word ‘anaemia’?  I have been feeling quite second-rate – dizzy, light-headed, exhausted…… I just put it down to being super pregnant with a little tribe to run around after.  Yesterday – I woke up feeling a little worse than usual, and after a couple of dizzy spells, took myself off to my wonderful Dr H.  He poked and prodded, and looked at my blood test records and announced – anaemic.  THAT would explain a whole lot.  SO – I went ome and by golly – if I didn’t triple my iron levels yesterday in one hit – there is no hope!  Iron supplement, spinach and fetta risotto ball, green smoothie PACKED with spinach, chilli con carne for dinner……all followed down with a chaser of Vitamin C (coz we all know how much iron LOVES Vitamin C).  Will do the same thing today – and hope I start to feel a little more perky.

I have a million things to say, do and catch up on – but it is 5:51am, and I can hear the Murphster singing to herself.  Apparently sleep is not a priority for her (she’ll learn!)

PS – if you haven’t already – and you really want to help out – whip on over to HERE and VOTE for me in the Canon5 photography competition!  Thank-you oh so much!

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