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I LOVE my tribe.  Each one of us is different yet same same.  That photo was the only chance I got.  ONE chance. According to Wilbur – if I don’t know what I am doing with that bloody camera by now….. (you can fill in the rest of his grumble as you see fit!) It turns out that whilst we look lovely – the photo was ridiculously underexposed.  he refused to give me another shot – so I had to work my magic on it.  Oh well – at least I captured that MAGICAL moment – and that is what it is all about.  The MAGIC in our family.

Yesterday (on a Friday I might add) was the first day of school for 2011.  WHY OH WHY it was a Friday totally beats me – but I guess those schooly people in charge know what they are talking about.

Here are our obligatory first day of school photos.  (Yes Wilbur – they are a milky/honey colour – just how you don”t like them processed – it’s not out of spite – I happen to like them this way!  I LOVE you however you are though!)

Madison is going into Grade Three.  She is in a class with some super strong personalities this year, so I am interested to see how my little ‘slip under the radar’ girl will go.  Yes – I worry for her.  Yes – I am trying not to worry so much.  It is so so hard though – worry is my middle name.  The Mackenzinator is re-doing Prep.  It just didn’t make any sense to her last year.  This year – theoretically, she should have no medical issues.  Fingers crossed.  She is just dealing with a poor processing speed – stuff goes into her head, does a loopy loop and gets lost in there.  We are working on her.  Her gorgeous teacher rang me last night to let me know that Mackenzie was fabulous yesterday.  We love you Mrs M.  Thank-you.

Here is my big cuddly bear with my littlelest cuddly bear……


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  • Ahhh Kylie! It feels like we just sat down & had a chat. I love hearing from ya! I love that you love Wilbur however he is … & I’m assuming however he performs his work 😉 no questions asked no input needed heehee you are wonderful my dear! Love the family photo. That’s what it’s all about. xoxo