keeping it simple

Oh golly.  Simple is hard.  I make everything too hard.  You know – the snowball effect.  I am a master at that!  I don’t know how Wilbur manages to deal with me and my avalanches!  They can get quite massive sometimes. Anyway – I am working on trying to keep things SIMPLE this year.  Last year I was working on PEACE.  Suffice to say – PEACE is a work in progress.  PEACE  and SIMPLE merge well together.

SO – 2010 is here.  Happy New Year.

I wish I had something amazingly profound to say – but no – I don’t.  Simply because I am tired!

The reason I am tired is awfully sweet – but apparently requires feeding aat night.  Why is that?  US grown ups don’t eat at night – so why should she?!

In the keeping it simple theme of things….. I am attempting (AGAIN) the P365 challenge.  Yes – it does involve taking a photo a day each day for a year.  How is that simple you may ask?  Well – I am not going to bust my  boiler and try and create some convoluted post every day, and spend hours editing images etc etc.  I will just use one of my little photo buddies – Fred Fuji, Zara Zumi, Pete Polaroid, Hetty Holga, Digital Diana (when she gets here), Izzy iPhone and Mini Diana (when she gets here).  VERY minimal processing – infact – none at all on the instant images, and my Camera on the digital images.  SIMPLE rules!  I’ll post ’em when I find the time!  Here’s a few from the first few days…

Because I can – I have had a change of plan………… see my next post!

Enough said – I think they all speak for themselves!

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  • Love the idea of keeping it simple. I am taking the photo a day challenge — but it also does not have to be perfect — and I will post them when I can!

  • Well so far so good. Your children are simply beautiful. Your SIMPLE explaination of the mothers frustration of a newborn who cant tell the difference between night and day and…well.. sorry. but your hair is simply funny hehe… SO FUN! I know you have built in assistance for a lil long but i am only a teary phone call away after that 😉

  • This is a FABULOUS idea Ky! I love it! Totally makes it simple. And funny as I think that’s Fran’s word too. Love the ‘braids undone’ shot lol. I’d like to say I’m up for the Photo A Day challenge … alas … I think I need to find something even simpler than that.

  • happy new year Kylie! i look forward to seing your photo a day, i think simple is a great idea, and love the polaroids. i’m going to attempt a photo a day for a year too, well see how it goes

  • Milla is just adorable, what a great job you and will do making beautiful kiddies! The pics look amazing!! The labour sounded very enviable…. I could only dream of it. If you are back working by march we would love to have some family shots done arounf coopers first birthday. big hugs and kisses to milla and the family, xo