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okay – so I’ll admit it – my last few posts have been of the whingy variety.  Sorry.  But – it is MY blog, and if I feel like having a little whinge – well – so be it!  but I have noticed an interesting thing.  No-one comments if I whinge.  Actually – I don’t get many comments anyway – that’s fine – coz after all – I write this for me, not to get a whole heap of comments (although it is nice to know that I am a*muze*ing others somehow!).  I do get comments when I throw in some photos of my girls – great – they are good eye candy – I should know – I made ’em (can you hear the ‘proud mother in me’ – listen carefully – it was only fleeting!), and I get a few comments when I post about some sort of digi-scrap related product that I have come up with.  Which leads me to believe that my blog is read by photo-loving digi-scrappers!  Makes sense really!!!!  I am not overly sure where this is all going – so bear with me!!

Speaking of digi-scrapping product – or in my case – lack thereof – I have this small problem – I haven’t created a single thing!  Why is that?  Well – there is a 35 week-old Heinz in my belly that is sucking the absolute life out of me – not to mention the two girls that I am already *blessed* with (insert small amount of sarcasm!).  Oh – and my mojo has disappeared!  It happens. I have three  sorry – did I say three – I meant EIGHT – gorgeous fonts ready to be fonted – in fact – I have even scanned them in – I just need to font them.  I also have two beautiful clients awaiting me to beautify and customise their WordPresss blogs.  now – this is something I LOVE to do – so I think today is the day.  But back to digi-scrapping – nup – I haven’t any new products at all.  I am HOPING to release a new Worm next week, and then maybe some stuff in dribs and drabs whilst I adjust to being the mother of three girls rather than two!

I was over at Flickr yesterday – you know – just stopping by for a browse (as you do when you are procrastinating!).  I did have a purpose though – I am doing a little session with another pregnant ‘chick’ this week – and I wanted some extra inspiration.  then I kept on browsing, coz I figured I will have a  least two newborn shoots in the next few weeks as well (my Heinz, and her ‘little man’).  Oh gosh – there is so much to look at in Flickr.  Eye candy abounds!  (oh oh – when you use live writer to create a post – you can use any font – well – I can see the font differences – can anyone else!  I’ll be changing it up all over the place!) Back to Flickr.  I OLOVE this group – Natural Light Child Photography – stunning images – and oh so sharp!  Newborn is just a gorgeous group.  The beauty of pregnancy is another favourite.  Then of course I got side-tracked to photographers webistes – what a lovely way to spend a little while…. here are some favourites……. Audrey Woulard, Lucrer Braxton, Tara Whitney, Clair Bremmer, Barb Uil and Deanna Hall – just to name a few! Of course there are a billion others – but – I haven’t the time to list them all!

So – today is Monday – creche day for the girls, and MY DAY for me!  Yippee!  What to do – possibly some crochet (oh – I am stuck on the arm of a doll I am making – 6ch into a circle, and then hdc in each chain – alternating colours – is driving me MAD! A great challenge – but I though crochet was meant to be relaxing!).  Oh – I might finish up a blog for a client, as well as start another – and maybe have a go at me own.  I have an idea in my head that is itching to get out!!!!  tehn – it might be time for a little belly photo shoot – after all – today is 35weeks! Maybe after that – a NAP!!!  Argh – who am I kidding – why not nap before everything!

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  • Hmmm I wonder if I fall into the photo-loving digi-scrapping group who doesn’t mind you whinging, is that a sub-group of blog readers LMAO! Don’t worry Kylie, I created my blog for my far-flung family and friends to keep in touch with us and the only comments I ever get are from my digi friends (I don’t think the oldies know how to comment LOL). Well Kylie you always a*muze* me no end – I love coming here. Enjoy your nap.