love this stuff….


Badger balm – sleep balm

Murphy is a great sleeper – ONCE she gets to sleep.  Last night she slept from 8:30pm until 7:00pm this morning – I can’t complain.  BUT – she is hard to get to sleep.  So….. today I remembered I had a little tin of sleep balm – so I chucked some one her little temples, and VOILA – SLEEP – almost instantly! You little beauty!!!!  it has worked now for the two naps I have used it on!  Oohh – I am hoping it continues!!!!

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  • Loooove all the photos Kylie. Now…..where do I get that sleep balm stuff. Ryan is a bugger at sleeping during the night most nights. Doesn;t help that he wets through all the time but I am working on that.

    Sounds like you have an angel baby on your hands (I am a fan of the baby whisperer, Tracey Hoggs) Anna was almost an Angel baby…..Ryan on the other hand, i’ll get back to you on that one.