me // Maybe it does get easier…….

Last time Mackenzie underwent a ‘procedure’, it was a harrowing experience.  To say I was looking forward to this one (another set of grommets) would be a horrendous porky pie.

I was pleasantly surprised today. Mackenzie again was the most stoic individual I know. She was patient, brave and just all round awesome.  There was a slight hiccough when she was asked to take panadol as a medicine – Mackenzie is a tablet girl through and through – she can swallow a horse pill bettere than Phar Lap. The medicine took some time and some cajoling – I may or may not have promised to make her some raspberry sorbet, and buy her some new pencils. Does vomiting the medicine up afterwards mean any parental made bargain is moot?!  Yes – the kidney dish got an early use!

Six hours of waiting and coloring and rock-paper-scissors, and iPad-ing and dressing up of Cow and general boredom later, it was finally time to gown up. Still a stoic set face with beautiful big eyes piercing me.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept036

Mornington peninsula photographer sept037

As has become the norm, we walked into theatre.  The tears started a little early – but only a whisper.  Up onto the bed for a sit and a cuddle, awaiting the gas mask – which never came.  This time, a line went into her hand, without a whimper, and the magic ‘no vomiting after anesthesia’ medicine went in, followed by the magic ‘go to sleep’ medicine.  She didn’t even register what was happening, and peacefully closed her eyes as if she was napping in the sun.  The only tears were titchy ones from me – relief.

Never again will we endure that gas mask.  Intravenous is the way to go! Ten out of ten to Mackenzie.

Now as I sit and wait for her, I wonder if her recovery will be as torrid as last time.  I desperately hope not. She is due for a round of good karma. Due for some good post-surgery memories.

It is her 9th birthday on Sunday. She has been through more in her nine little years than most, but even so – less than many.  I feel that we are not at the end of her mountain to climb, maybe we are slightly plataeu-ing, for it has been a fairly steep mountain with lots of scrambling.  She is like a newborn goat, she stumbles, and gets back onto her wobbly feet time and time again.

Oh the waiting for her is timeless.

My girl is next to me napping.  Sulky and wanting to be rid of her hospital regalia.  The ever present faithful Cow is snuggled close.  Fingers crossed that nausea stays away, and recovy is smooth.  Another couple of hours and we can skedaddle.   Another day crossed off the list.

She reached for my hand.  A first.  Never has that happened.  I usually get the silent treatment for a day – and definitely no kissing, hand-holding or smiles.  Today was a winner.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept038


As I type, Mackenzie is attempting to break some sort of record in seeing how fast she can get out of here.  The vegemite sandwich is nearly gone, the icecream is being greedily eyed. She is keen to eat up, get dressed and go.  I don’t blame her! Her round cheeks are rosy and she has even given me a smile. Today is a good day.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept039

Record broken. 2 hours from ending surgery to leaving hospital. She was a machine and super keen to get out of there.

It’s now after 7:30pm, and after a quick use of the ‘bag’ in the car, we came home, she had a play, she ate a good dinner and is now fast asleep.  I am feeling as drained as a tin of pineapple, and wish to go to bed. If only I didn’t have that looking exam!

Thank-you to everyone who sent messages through the day today – your thoughts were much appreciated!