missing the important stuff…

Sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses.  I am sure many people are victim to a blocked nose when it comes to smelling the roses – and I KNOW that I am one of them.  For example – I have been incubating now for 27 weeks (yep – count 'em – 27!), and I haven't taken a single photo. (not that I took any for my previous pregnancies either – but that was BEFORE I realised that I could actually TAKE photos and SCRAP them – I still don't scrap much anyway!).  Soo – I got out my camera today (gee – I forgot how much I love the feel of it in my hands….), and thought I'd have a little mini photo shoot!  All would have been good if I had have remembered I was on ISO800.  Oh well – most of the shots I took were crappy – so here's the select few that I liked enough to process.  (oh oh oh  – speaking of processing – I splurged in a big way today, and bought……………… ITTY BITTY ACTIONS – I cannot wait to receive them!  So these are all processed using my own methods, plus a little Holly McCaig!)







Oh WOW – they are a bit 'in your face' aren't they!  Sorry! 

So – that's me at 27 weeks!!!!  

I am really going to make a concerted effort to smell the roses a whole lot more. That means more photos (coz I LOVE them!), and actually printing the photos even….., scrapping more, documenting more,… drawing more…….. – or and of course – being with my girls.  gee – life sounds busy when you are smelling roses!

So today – I spent absolutely no time at all designing!  too busy umming and ahhing over Itty Bitty actions, playing with the camera, and processing.  Maybe tonight.  Oh, and I need to make sure that the Worm is ready for release next week, as well as finish up that promised FREEBIE!!!!!!! 


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  • hey kylie, these photos are soo great! love them! and you’re soo right, these actions are wonderful!!! Maybe someday I can afford them too 😉

    Off to unpack and clean our new home!

  • Those photos are beautiful !!! Your pregnant belly is gorgeous (no stretchmarks ?!?! ;)). Ooooh, and why did you have to tell us about those Itty Bitty actions. Now I want them tooooo 🙂



  • Really wonderful photos!! I love your eyes – so pretty! And awesome tummy too – great that you are recording that this time! So glad you stopped to “smell the roses”. It’s very easy to let time get away & not do that.

  • Wow Kylie …. just WOW! Those photos are magic. Thanks for sharing them & I hope that you stop and smell the flowers more often 🙂

  • Great photos! I wish I would have taken more when I was carrying my boys. And as above, you have incredible eyes!