murphys law…

Or in this case Murphy, Milla and Mackenzie’s law…….. ‘if Mum is feeling crook, and she stupidly stays up late to do some work – let’s conspire to keep her awake for the rest of the night’.  Well kids – it worked.  Not in your favour – coz now I am tired AND grumpy. Will push on.

Today is International Bloggers without makeup Day (as decreed by Jodie over at Mummy Mayhem).  In this house it is International bloggers without makeup day EVERYDAY.  I don’t have time nor the knowledge to put on makeup.  I might splash on a bit of five year old mascara (do those things have a use by date?) if I have a sudden wish to look beyoootiful.  Otherwise it’s just plain skin for me.  Anyway – I tought I’d play along with Jodie – and post a picture of me right now – sans makeup…. as usual.

I’m also going to play along with Brenda and FLOG MY BLOG!  It’s flog yo blog friday today – so I am a floggin’ my blog!

Here’s her little button – play along ……

Today – apart from blog flogging and no make-up wearing, I am going to finish up two clients galleries, bake some cookies for the school market tomorrow, finish up some blog{ART}, turn somersaults with Murph, toss Milla in the air and

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