my new babies – the D.CO boots

aka – Nina Proudman boots! (for all of you Offsrping fans out there – and I know there are plenty!).

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots for years.  A good FOUR or FIVE years to be exact. Finally I have hit the jackpot.

I have long skinny legs.  There.  I said it.  People languish after them.  Yes they do. I am finally just going with the compliments rather than getting super embarrassed and giggling like a schoolgirl.  

They needed the perfect pair of boots.  I have a relatively big foot – size 40-41.  I have skinny calves.  Not a cankle to be seen. (No offence to you cankle-owners out there – you wear them well.)

All boots I tried have been one of four things:

1.  Wrong

2. Too floppy around my calves

3. Dodgy colour

4. Wrong.

I figured it was time to enter the world of online shopping. (yes – I know – late to the party). I hate going to clothes shops and walking around for hours getting cross with the crappy fattening lighting, and the whingy whiney always hungry children, and the other millions of women.  Ugh.  Women.  Drive me mad.

I purchased a pair last week from the lovely BirdsNestOnline store.  They were perfect.  Until I put them on.  I think they were made for a cankle PLUS PLUS owner. I was devasted.

The hunt was on.  

I happened along a couple of Pinterest boards that emulate the gorgeous Nina Proudman (I think we all have a bit of Nina in us, and we all certainly like a bit of Patrick…..), and out popped the glorious but hideously way out of my budget D.CO COPENHAGEN boots. Oh gosh.  Love at first sight. I dedicated some time to finding them on sale, and VOILA – dedication paid off.  50% off in fact.  Right on budget. 

Next dilemma – dark or light?

Mornington Peninsula photographer  01

I put it out there on Facebook and Instagram (come and get your first world problems right here!)  The general consensus was dark…….. so I went light!  

They arrived today, and I am super happy with them.  Perfect fit.  no zippers.  No cankley baggy bits.  Just right.  They are leather and my feet feel luxurious (pity about the rest of me!).  Picture me wearing them with my workout gear (tiny Lulu shorts!), and you’ll see a picture of happiness!

Mornington Peninsula photographer  02

Mornington Peninsula photographer  03

Happy. Don’t expect to see me in anything else.  I may even CrossFit in them!

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    • Kylie July 16, 2013

      They are very gorgeous! Xo


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