photo-a-day | day seven

I realise this ‘triptych’ is not my finest photographic moment – BUT – it shows exactly what was going on.  A tangled mess of ‘look at me now’, followed by wiggling legs and swinging hair.  Milla loves the thought that she can swing upside down, and yes – she can do it, but today was not her day. Maybe it’s because she is not nude (or that she’s wearing her eldest sisters knickers that are 8 sizes too big!) – either way, she is having fun, she has my attention!

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  • Hi Kylie,
    Been reading your blog for a while, but thought it’s time to delurk and start commenting. I know I love comments on my blog, so figured you would appreciate comments too. So, stay tuned for comments from me from time to time!
    I’m loving your photo a day, you take such authentic and gorgeous images. I love getting a snippet into your daily life. Thanks so much for your openness!
    Dannii xx