photo-a-day | day three – four Clarks weekly | week one

We purchased this ‘non-permanent’ pool from Clark Rubber three summers ago.  It has been one of the best investments we have ever made.  That, the air-conditioner and Frank the Thermomix are my top three favourite things right now!

This year, I am going to follow an online buddy of mine – Melissa, she create wonderfull weekly photographs of her children and make fabulous movies at the end of the year documenting the family year.  I have also made a movie for 2012, but at this point, it is too too lengthy to upload!  I am going to join Melissa in taking a weekly photograph of her children, with a slight twist – if Wilbur is home, we will all be in the photo as well!  So – this is week one!

fo forward in time!
go back in time!

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