photo-a-day | day twenty-four

Gosh I LOVE the dirtiness of this photograph. I was exhausted today – to the point where Madison said to me “Mummy, are you tired?”.  My reply: “Why, yes I am, why do you ask”. Madison: “You have big dark lines underneath your eyes”.  Ahhh.  Of course.

After that little conversation, I popped in to a gorgeous friends house.  Totally unannounced and we stayed for lunch and a swim. (I did take a hot chook too…..).  I am not sure whether it was because I got to sit down WITH ANOTHER ADULT, or whether I got a second wind, but I walked away from her house feeling no more less tired, but just a whole lot happier.  Thank-you lovely Sarah. xo

Anyway – Wilbur knew how tired I was, and took it upon himself to offer to ‘do dinner’.  For some, it’s a scary thought when their husbands offer to ‘do dinner’, but not me.  it’s summer time. that is the equivalent to saying BBQ!  So – he did a quick shop and brought home atlantic salmon for me and meaty stuff for the tribe, plus a couple of bowls of DIY ‘ceaser salad’. (in inverted commas coz really – ceaser salad is not the real deal unless you make it yourself!).

I took this photograph at the end of dinner, when they are all doing their own thing, and Wilbur is looking on with that face that is full of love.


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  1. Rastus Garbenis January 25, 2013

    tres spesh.

  2. Tim Willas Clark March 8, 2013

    love summer


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