You know what – I have been busy. Ridiculously busy. In fact – I am not even sure what I posted about last time I posted. A lot of my being busy due to my four Ms. They are a fabulous bunch of kids – but really – do they need to be so so time consuming!
I had a day the other day that I thought – “I MUST blog this”. I think that was sometime last week – I can’t be too sure – everything seems to have rolled into one giant day where I break for a power nap every now and then. Parenting is hard work. Couple that with a photography business that has decided to boom, and a blog{ART} hobby that is also blooming PLUS all the other STUFF – well – things get a wee bit hectic. I’m not even sure where to start.

Let’s go with the Mackenzinator. She has a dicky ticker – most people know that. If not – here’s a quick rundown. She was born with a coarctation of the aorta (narrowing of the aorta), a VSD (hole in the heart) and a few other bits and pieces. She has had her aorta widened, and is monitored. She now has super high blood pressure, and some extra thickening of the heart muscle. We have been medicating her, and watching her grow over the last nearly six years. She is now really starting to feel the effects of high blood pressure, and less blood getting around her robust little body. She gets physically tired, and just cannot keep up. She is a trooper. We had another cardiologist appointment last week. it looks like her heart muscle is thickening even more, and there seems to be some membranous tissue growing around the aortic valve. not so good. Her blood pressure was also a little high (I guess it’s to be expected – mine would be high too if I had a Dr poking around my body). It looks like she will need open heart surgery later in the year to have a go at rectifying all of this. Of course it is now 100% that scraping out some heart muscle and removing the membrane will help. It’s just one of those things I guess. She’s a trooper.

Academically the Mackenzinator is…well… not running with the pack. She just doesn’t ‘get it’. It’s looking like she will repeat Prep next year – which will most likely be a good thing if surgery goes ahead. The alphabet is not making any sense to her whatsoever, and the Golden words may as well be Greek – although she retains some things sometimes, and others – well – not so much. She is enjoying school – I guess that’s a good thing. We will just keep on keeping on with her.

Umm – who’s next. Ah yes – the Grunter. AKA Murphy. She talks with a grunt. A LOUD LOUD grunt. She either grunts a one-word answer or question, and of course we all know exactly what she means. She has the most lovely little lisp that goes well with the grunts – makes it a little less neanderthal I guess. Not by much. Her favourite movie is Mamma Mia. Still. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Once the song ‘Mamma-Mia’ starts, she rushes over to put on the pettiskirt (massive brown/blue frilly thing that is a million sizes too big for her), and prances around the room. She sits for the talking – wiggles for the singing. She know the words to many of the songs – hasn’t shortened those to grunting yet. She is going to be the one that breaks me.

Madison is fabulous. yes – we have our ups and downs – but we are really beginning to connect a bit more. Note I haven’t al great deal to post about her right now…… no particular reason. She is my little rock.

As for Milla – poor kid. i keep forgetting to feed her. The other day she bum shuffled her way (I presume it was her, and not M3 dragging M4) across the carpet and gnawed her way through Mackenzie’s alphabet ‘A’ card (at least someone is getting some use out of it!). Apparently that wasn’t enough nourishment, and she started in on the 100 year old leather strap on an old luggage box. Poor child. She lets me know she is there by screeching and grinning at me. Oh and what a screech it is. She gave herself a blood nose by reaching forward to get something whilst sitting – and toppled over. Whoops.

As for mum – her nasty cancer has grown in the past two months from a marble size to an avocado size. Not good. I guess it’s better than a pineapple – but really – I don’t want any cancer masquerading as a piece of fruit inside my mother at all. She’s off on a train trip up to QLD at the end of the month, and Milla & I will meet her in Brisbane and visit some gorgeous friend (the same people I stayed with last month – I am quite the jet-setter!). Looking forward to it.

To end – here’s a few Happy Sunday photographs from last week. I’m not even sure if they were taken on Sunday – I just can’t remember which day it was!


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