scallywags at the spot

Here is the first scallywag! She has taken me ages to design – simply because I couldn’t get the hang of drawing in Photoshop – but now I have discovered paths – and I love ’em!

I am aiming to sell the scallywags (there are plenty of others on the way!) as avatars, and I would also like to do customised avatars, as wekk as scallywag kits – where you buy the kit, and can dress scallywag anyway you like! It will come with one outfit included – and I plan to have other outfits ‘on the rack’ for purchase! Lots of work to be donw – but at least now I am on the right track! This little one took a good three hours to sort out – hopefully others will take less time, as I have the main layers all ready to use as templates! I’m pretty happy with the result – althoug she looks a little fuzzy here. You can check out a better view at the ATS website.

I have had a great day at the computer – I acheived a heap with both study and designing – I’m a happy scallywag!

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