she’s a bean

When did this child grow up.  I am totally not ready for it.  She is my little girl.  My button pusher.  My feet massager. Quite frankly – there are times when I could happily throw her in the bin and pop her out for collection.  Apparently that is highly illegal.  Pity.  Other times I want to snuggle for hours.  She decided to get her hair cut.  Not just a trim – but a real cut.  Up to the bottom of her ears.  YIPPEE!  Don’t get me wring – she has gorgeous hair – but it is a total pain in the rear end.  Knots and tangles – argh!  Plaiting, tying, brushing.  Who has time for all of that.  (me – I make time!).  It is totally her decision.  I reminded her that if she cut it all off – it’ll take ages to grow again.  She’s ok with that.  I am happy. Soooo – we decided to have a quickie photoshoot.  I hauled out the OCF stuff, plugged in a fan, threw her on the couch in front of our green wall in a REALLY cramped place – and told her to go for it!  I think she enjoyed herself.  Look at that 7 year old self working the camera!  Good luck with that in 10 years time Wilbur – hope you have your mean face ready for the boys…..

I guess later on – we will have some after shots!  I am sure I could have posted less

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