snap happy…

Ah – I have had a few photos sitting in the 5D for a little while – well – a couple of days – finally I get the chance to whip them off, and have a look.  Yes – they are grainy – ISO was at 1250 – ARGH. Mental note to self – Must. Check. ISO.

I love this one – the Big M’s love their little M sister!!!

What’s there not to love!

This is pure cheekiness rolled into a set of gorgeous cheeks!!!!

M1 is totally into her leg warmers right now.  technically they are for dancing – but who can say no to a bit of pinkness!

Speaking of cheeks – this is the look M3 gave me EVRY time I looked at her whilst I was eating dinner!

Finally – a bit of ‘yester-year’ – this reminds me a little of photos of me when I was a little ‘un!!!

Okay – so you gotta love an image-y post.  I guess I still need to mention something I like about me today.  It’s easy.  My girls.  I made them (with some fabulous help from the wonderful Wilbur of course), and I like that.

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