snap // impromptu daisy chains in the park


(first… thank-you for your kind thoughts regarding this post.… I’ll admit I was pretty angry when I wrote it, and words just came spilling out, without a whole heap of thought. Who knows if they will make a difference…….)

SO……. the other day, we had some time to kill whilst Madison had a sax. lesson.  (She is sitting her first exam today – cross your fingers for her).  We came across a park filled with daisies, and I figured it was time Milla learned the art of daisy chain making.  Let me rephrase that – I made, whilst she picked!

We had an incredibly impromptu speedy iPhone photo shoot afterward.  She was kind enough to give me…….. 40 seconds of her precious time. Thankfully, she didn’t charge me for her time!


It’s hard to believe she is off to school in just four months. My beautiful independently dependent girl.  How time has flown. Nearly FIVE years ago she arrived – fast and screaming.  She has not stopped since!

Who has a ‘baby’ starting school next year….. how are you feeling about it?

Note: For all the photo enthusiasts – all photographs were taken with iPhone 5s, and processed with VSCOCAM preset S1 (colour), or B5 (b&w).

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