the Melbourne Zoo wrap-up

We went to the Melbourne Zoo on Thursday, purely because we love it, and also as a tribute to Mama – who was also a big fan. Unfortunately and fortunately, Melbourne insisted on showing off, and giving us four seasons in one day.  We could probably have done without a couple of them, but we had fun never the less.

Normally I would ramble on, and have a big photographic display at the end. Not this time.  Just to jumble things up a bit – let me give you a narrative at the same time as the photographic evidence!

I made the possibly fatal error of taking ZERO pram with me.  The first time in ten years that we have gone pram-less.  I felt liberated.  We had the ropy-poly esky and Madison with a little back-pack.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept002

We shook things up this time, and skipped the gorillas.  We have Daddy at home on display ALL. THE. TIME.  He’s early-man enough. We headed straight for Murphys favourite – the giraffe.  They never fail to interest the girls – those super long necks, and the way they have a super long pokey-out tongue.  I did think that watching the giraffe tongues would initiate Millas favourite pastime of tongue-kissing EVERYONE, but alas, it was not to be (phew).

Mornington peninsula photographer sept003

The zebras were next – beautifully arranged in such a photographic pose for me……

Mornington peninsula photographer sept004

From Africa to pure Australia…… insert much ‘kookaburra noise’ here.  Apologies to the surrounding animals and humans alike for the noisy, albeit very happy cacophony!

Mornington peninsula photographer sept005

Milla was a trooper – although I started to worry when we had been there for an hour, and she uttered “Muuummm, I wanna go home.”  Uggh  I sorted that out with a snack near the very rude and extremely laze non-awake or interactive kangaroo-skis.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept018

Mornington peninsula photographer sept019

I had a giggle at this….

Mornington peninsula photographer sept007

…. and envisioned the roar of the Tasmanian Devil as it was awaiting to gobble up three tasty morsels…….. and wished for a moment that I was the very relaxed wombat…..

Mornington peninsula photographer sept006

A water stop and some fun led us to the much anticipated Seal-the-Loop Show….

Mornington peninsula photographer sept016

….where we watched Gordo the seal perform and listened to the wilde-lifey story…

Mornington peninsula photographer sept009

Then we ventured into what can only be described as mind-blowing for Milla.  Never before have I seen a child so entranced with water.  She truly thinks she is a fish, and as told me on numerous occasions that she doesn’t want her legs, but a mermaids tail instead please, so I can swim underwater…..  This series of photographs was taken over a 20 minute period.  She was not moving for anyone.  The only words she uttered, in her little sing song voice were….”Mummy – I want to be in there please”.  She was serious.  There was no whining. It was was if she knew that was her place to be.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept015

Mornington peninsula photographer sept014

Mornington peninsula photographer sept013

Once we enticed Milla out of the deep blue with the enticing plan of seeing a tiger – she was more than happy to give us (and the entire zoo it seemed), her own imitation of a ROAR (thank-you Katy Perry…).

Mornington peninsula photographer sept010

The elephants were also too busy for us, so it was a unanimous decision that we should have yet another snack, at the Carasouel and do some kissing of fake elephants…..

Mornington peninsula photographer sept011

Mornington peninsula photographer sept020

We whipped in to see our descendants…. (who does that high forehead remind me of…..)

Mornington peninsula photographer sept017

….smiled for the camera…..

Mornington peninsula photographer sept021

…. and finished off with our obligatory self-timer photograph.

Mornington peninsula photographer sept022

Lastly I must explain this photograph…. (it may or may not be too much information for some – apologies if it is – but I could see the funny side!)

Mornington peninsula photographer sept023

There’s a new zone dedicated to the little people, called KEEPER KIDS, where under 8 year olds can hang out for some imaginative play with their parents – pretending to be a zoo-keeper or vet, or play with plastic animals etc.  It’s a lovely area, inside, and has a quiet toilet.  Family toilet.  We were on the way out, and went in for a group wee.  Being the mother that has given birth to four children – I delegated myself as first in line.  We were all in the cubicle, and the girls were deciding who was to go next – based upon who needed to do ones, or twos.  Whilst this was going on, all of a sudden, my body decided a quick twos was in order (you know how they creep up on you sometimes? No?  Oh well – you are missing out!).  I was then faced with the dilemma of sending them all outside and risking letting all and sundry see me on the throne as they filed out, or wiping with an audience.  Righto girls – block your noses and turn around!  Hence the above photo – we were all giggling uncontrollably at this point, punctuated with the expected ‘you stink Mum’ exclamations…..  I finished up and got out of there quick sticks, whilst the rest of them finished up.  Note to self – ummm – I haven’t got one yet – I am still getting over the horror of wiping with an audience!

On that note – we had a super day at the Zoo.  A highly recommend activity through the school holidays – the kids entry is free, mine only cost $26.80.  We took all of our food (mountains of it) and didn’t need to spend another cent.  Happy children.  Win win.



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  • Totally loved every second of this story! Matt is also the silverback of our family…. My fave pic is the black and white bamboo tree photo.. Just beautiful?glad you are well

  • tears of laughter. pooor will. I am trying to think of an animal with hot legs to do an analogy for you. Glad you had fun. .Can you rent a stroller? much love to the 5 gorgeous girls and Will 🙂

    • Thanks Lanne! Let’s go with giraffe shall we! Stroller-less went well – was very happy to now ram peoples ankles!
      Hey – can you let me know if you receive this as an email – I am not receiving any email notifications any ore through wordpress….