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Wow, so my wife has asked me to write something for fathers day!!

The last time I felt pressure like this I was trying to have a baby boy. How successful was that!!!!!!

She has even given me a brief on what to write – what am I looking forward to, what do I enjoy about being a Dad; she also said a heap of other stuff, but I generally fade away to a far off planet when I hear the words I NEED YOU DO DO SOMETHING FOR ME.

So upon my return to planet Earth I awoke to the sounds of Kylie’s voice saying, “OK, love you, talk soon”, and here I am sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out how to put my feelings into words.I’m not that good at communicating my feelings to the general public, or anybody for that matter. I am good a knocking over a long neck though, oh how I wish for one of those to help me through such a stressful time!!:)

So we need to start I suppose by telling you how lucky I am….. very very very Lucky.

Unless you have four baby girls its hard to describe the feeling I get when I get home and they all run out yelling and screaming (sometimes I think the screaming is just part of seeing who can be the loudest), and then the massive impact of four girls smashing into you and all landing on the ground. That’s the first thing I’m looking forward to.

I’ll be lucky enough to get home on Saturday just before Fathers Day and all my thoughts and wishes go to those fathers that can’t be with their children on Dads special day.

Then in no special order, other things I love,  may be this one first waking up under the same roof as all the women in my life. Kisses and cuddles, taking Murph fishing and those looks she gives you. Being with Mackenzie for her Karate grading and the scream from M1 when said Karate champion puts a bear hug on her. My little chats with my oldest M,  and seeing her run down all the other participants in her little running career.  Kisses and cuddles. Having little people climb into bed first thing in the morning and Murph making Dad ‘put underwears on’. The super tight cuddles from my smallest M and the smiles of Milla when she sees Daddy for the first time for a month. Kisses and cuddles.

Now this list could go on for some time, but I’m in the middle of packing my bags so I can get home for those kisses and cuddles.

Now take time to think about my feelings and compare them with painting, if I do too good a job of this writing, I’ll have to do more of it.!!!!

To all the wives out there give your hubby a good old blow job for Fathers Day. 😉 (WILBUR!!!!!!!)


Note from Kylie….

Ummmm – these are HIS words not mine – HIS post. I must admit when I was reading this for the first time, I got a little teary, then I read the last line and out loud I said “WILBUR!”.  He laughed and said – “are you going to leave that bit in?”  Obviously I did leave it in – it gave me a giggle – I hope no one is offended by my husbands apparent lack of decorum!

A big Happy Fathers Day to the hardest working and most amazing Daddy my girls have ever had.  We can’t wait to share a million more with you. xoxo+1

These photographs were taken at opposite ends of yesterday – the first within an hour of his arrival home – already at the BBQ cooking eggs and bacon, and the second – kicking back on the couch with his girls for cuddles and kisses.

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