the perfect 7th birthday

Milla had her 7th birthday on the 21st December. I KNOW – where did the time go?!

As it was the first day of school holidays, she opted to go into Melbourne to view the Myer Christmas windows (an iconic Melbourne feature), with the promise of Grill’d (a family favourite) for lunch.
The train trip is always a treat, and alighting at the bustling Flinders Street Station was a shock to ALL of the senses!

The Myer Christmas windows were not too bad this year – we arrived fairly early, so didn’t have to wait too long.

The next item on the list were ‘personalised Barbies’, I KNOW! Who knew. We wondered through the expansive Myer and up into the very posh lift – the girls’ eyes were agog! As well as personalising a Barbie each – we got to be our own version of Barbie….

A leisurely stroll through the Christmas Emproium and Melbourne laneways, saw us arrive at Grill’d for lunch.

We sent Wilbur a text message along the lines of – “we need you here – there are left-overs!”.
By this time, the girls were fading slightly, so under the guide of heading back to the Station, I took the long way via Southgate, and the National Gallery of Victoria.

We checked out the very fabulous Victor&Rolf for kids, where we created fashion with paper, and had a load of fun poosing in the black and white diaramas!

We stared up at the glorious roof, got lost in a mirror maze and participated in the Lee Mengwei MOVING GARDEN exhibition.

Of course, we HAD to check out the KYLIE exhibition next door at the Arts Centre….. (no gold hot pants available for viewing!)

It was well and truly time to gather up and go home!

We have some very glorious friends who have taken it upon themselves to create a cak for Milla’s birthday EVERY year (they also make one for Madison too!). This year was a mermaid theme – which is very fitting for the young fish…

A VERY Happy Birthday to our little CAPSLOCK – she is truly a one of a kind gem!



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