me // the photo that caused a slight stir

A week ago, I posted the following photograph on instagram, and then of course it duly updated to Facebook as well.

Mornington Penin sula photographer

This is how everyone goes to the toilet. Yes?

It seems that YES (judging by the multiple comments) – many of us busy frazzled mothers not only manage to fold washing, cook dinner, make executive decisions and becalm the break-out of WW III in another part of the house, we are also adept and toiling and parenting.  Together.  At once.

I don’t know about you – but the toilet is THE ONLY ROOM in our house WITH A DOOR. Yes.  I am yelling.  It is important to get that point across. So it would make sense that that’s where I go for some peace and quiet.  Reading time.  Cogitating my navel (no idea what that is – but Grandma used to mention she did it often – so it may or may not be something useful). Thinking time.  You would think that a closed door means STOP. DO NOT COME IN HERE – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Well no – you are wrong.  Apparently it is a cue to need me.  For anything.  Including but not limited to brushing hair, cutting up apples, calming down tears, solving childhood problems, and anything else they can think of. I think the neighbours know when I am on the toilet, as I raise my voice each of the million times I need to say “I’M ON THE TOILET’ to my children, in order to get the point across. Sorry neighbours – I am usually not using it for its intended use – I go there to try and be by myself – don’t start to think I have some sort of weird ‘must go to the toilet all the time’ issue!

Anyway – Wilbur thought I was over-sharing when I posted the picture. Me – I was simply sharing – I was pretty sure that I am not the only parent that deals with public toilet-time!

How about you – do you have somewhere safe and quiet to go to cogitate your navel, or is the loo for you too?!

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