I have a new friend.  It’s a Thing. In fact – its called ‘things‘.  Things is helping me keep stuff in order.  I am a BIG fan of things.  Check it out.

As usual – I have been super busy bee.  Two new blogs have been launched – lch photography and design, and photography.

Photo shoots – sneak peeks are a-coming!

Hmm – life in general has been a whirl of non-stop – which may eplain why I started this post at 5:40am, and it is now 6:17am – and this is as far as I gotten!  Wilbur is still home.  Not that there is anything wrong with that – but it would be ‘handier’ if he had two working hands.  He had surgery on his right index knuckle last Friday – it is now held together by wire and stitches.  Yep – that’s my Wilbur – if you are going to do something – make sure you do it ‘good and proper’!!!  So – he is in a fair whack of pain poor man – and to top it all off – his back is giving him grief too. Men.

Hmm – that image above – I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I *may* have been driving when I took it.  Just with my point and shoot – and I was stopped at the tie – so that’s not really driving is it?  How could I NOT capture that sky and glow!  I was definitely out of the car for these next two!

Okay – so we were trying to get Mackenzie to say her full naem the other day – Mackenzie – how hard can it be for a ‘justaboutfouryearold – ohmygodwhendidshegetsobig’ to say.  She calls herself ‘Kenzie’ – which is fine – coz that’s pretty much what we call her.  I said to her ‘say Mackenzie’, and her reply: “I NOT Fat Kenzie”!  I dissolved into laughter.

Hmm – it seems that my peace and quiet is over – 6:30am, and the M’s are bouncing about.

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