Today was one of those days where I wanted to shout out to the world, but wanted to keep it to myself as well!


Back to yesterday. Driving to school, a young bloke (driving his girlfriends car), drove into the back of our car. Specifically the big, tough, towball. No damage to our car, but I am tipping his girlfriend will be cross at the damage to her car (no hanky panky for him for a while….). Being my first ever accident, I took all the girls home to have a mental health day. That, and my back and head were sore – and well, I was in tears.  No matter how big or small it was, the girls and I got a jolt, and were out of sorts for the day. 001-mornington-peninsula-photographer

Today – I felt lucky.  Yesterday could have been worse. He could have been driving super fast and pushed us into the oncoming fast traffic. All manner of things ‘could have’ happened – but they didn’t – thankfully.

Today – I went for a run. It was haircut day. I treated myself to a most delicious lunch and a matcha latte (am not convinced that it was tasty, but apparently – ANTIOXIDANTS!). Let’s focus only on the raw snickers bar slice instead.

I sat and gazed at the water. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the calm, but also wanted it to myself- so serene it was (until the squawky birds visited). Very calming – just what I needed.

Then I picked the girls up.


By the way – my previous post TOP THREE FAMILY ACTIVITIES ON THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA, was selected as a finalist in the Voices of Kidspot PUT YOURSELF ON THE MAP competition. Exciting yes? The 20 finalists will have their top “TEN things to do in their corner of the world” posts added to the Kidspot blog – so keep your eyes peeled!

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