wasted day…..

Wasted I tell ya!

I instructed a Baby Boot Camp class this morning – all went well – we worked hard, lots of skipping and resistance training – it felt good.  Then off to Coles for green groceries.  How hard and stressful is it to know in the back of your mind that you only have $80 to spen on the weeks groceries?!  Not a cent more.  Should I get this second tub of yoghurt (we have two yoghurt inhalers in this house!), or not – what about some yummo meat for Will’s lunch for a treat,or even my favourite (and only one I purchase) magazine "Madison" (how could I not!).  Then at the register – ‘will I be over the limit’.  Oh it’s all too stressful!

Anyway – that’s not why the day was wasted!  A friend rang this morning and said she was coming to visit this arvo – ripper – some adult converstaion not interspersed with ‘no Mackenzie – best not to eat that 20c piece’, or ‘Madison, how would you like it if I sat on you like that’….the list goes on.  I expected that said friend would get here early afternoon – so I didn’t really start any important work type things – I don’t work well if I keep getting distracted!  Well………..she didn’t get here until later than I expected – so i spent waaaay too long phaffing around doing stuff all.  BUGGER!  It was lovely to see her though!

Here’s a layout of my girls (well – there was a LO – but since it had two bottoms on it that were wearing no clothes – I have taken it down.), I thought I would experiment with the kit I have been creating.  It was truly hard to come up with any sort of layout – I just don’t know enough about what I am doing, and I guess I look at all these fabulous layouts in the galleries, and instantly feel overwhelmed that mine don’t look that good.  Yes yes yes – I know it takes time – but hey – I want to be able to do things better than this…. yesterday.

anyhow – the papers are all mine (all two of them!), and the font is Lithos Pro.

Must be time for bed – ooo – maybe a little snack of icecream before hand might do the trick!

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