wilbur+ism // #5 the perfect gift

Just in case you haven’t stumbled across my weekly wilbur-isms posts before (here they are), I am married to Wilbur.  The Early Man of the 21st century.  He’s a pretty good bloke, and luckily for him, the sperm he produces are ‘female’, resulting in four daughters. So, he is outnumbered five to one (even the dog has been desexed), and he has the uncanny knack of blurting out some ripper words! It’s my job to document them for years to come AND to let others have a good laugh!

Wilbur also has an uncanny ‘knack’ of gift giving. Over the past few years I have received a pizza paddle, a avocado slicer, a mango knife, a glass paper weight to name a few. Frank Albert the Thermomix and Betty the Kitchen Aid were fabulous gifts, and are VERY well loved (thank-you darling man).

I happened across a link to this particular item  (make sure you scroll down and read the reviews – very funny!)whilst browsing Facebook, and it brought back memories of my wonderful gifts, so…… I thought I would throw out a few others for a bit of fun!

Banana Pen ::  Coconut Knife :: Pineapple Slicer with wedger :: Strawberry slicer :: Corn Desilker ::  Peach Wedger and Pitter

or… save your money darling man – get me a new SHARP kitchen knife!



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