wilbur+ism // #3 saving babysitting costs

Just in case you haven’t stumbled across my weekly wilbur-isms posts before (here they are), I am married to Wilbur.  The Early Man of the 21st century.  He’s a pretty good bloke, and luckily for him, the sperm he produces are ‘female’, resulting in four daughters. So, he is outnumbered five to one (even the dog has been desexed), and he has the uncanny knack of blurting out some ripper words! It’s my job to document them for years to come AND to let others have a good laugh!

“you are saving me thousands of dollars in babysitting costs”

If Wilbur hadn’t been on the other end of the phone, a thousand or more kilometres away, he possibly would not need to book in for the SNIP, I would have done it myself.

A glorified babysitter huh.  Let me remind you of that next time you want a fling in the sack.  I wasn’t aware that baby-sitters nowadays do all the mother/wifey stuff PLUS breastfeed without pay, let alone paid breaks or overtime.  I must get me one sometime (that’s a whole other post!).

(and when did it last become OK to actual have a fling in the sack with the babysitter?).



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