wilbur+ism // #6, sans Wilbur

Just in case you haven’t stumbled across my weekly wilbur-isms posts before (here they are), I am married to Wilbur.  The Early Man of the 21st century.  He’s a pretty good bloke, and luckily for him, the sperm he produces are ‘female’, resulting in four daughters. So, he is outnumbered five to one (even the dog has been desexed), and he has the uncanny knack of blurting out some ripper words! It’s my job to document them for years to come AND to let others have a good laugh!

For a couple of weeks, Wilbur was giving me enough fodder to be worthy of it’s own post. Lately he hasn’t been coming to the party. SO – I have recruited my children for this week, in an effort to re-activate the -isms of our house.

There’s been a couple…..


Murphy has made a friend at school. They are in their first term of Prep, so there are lots of friendships to be made and names to learn.
Murphy in the first week of term…… “I have a new best friend”. Fabulous Murph – what is her name? Murphy – “Umm………….” with head cocked to one side, one eyebrow up and finger to her mouth in classic thinking pose.
Fast forward to week six (now)……”I am not going to live with you anymore Mummy, I will live at my friends house, and eat her food and play with her”. Oh – Ok – which friend Murphy – what is her name? Murphy – “Ummmmm………”! Eventually she gets the name, and to her credit – it IS a tricky one!


Everytime Milla opens her mouth it’s a weekly Wilbur-ism. I just can’t record them all. You will just have to hang out with us to hear/see them all.


Last week, Madison was finishing off her school project on the topic of OIL RIGS. In it, she interviewed Daddy, and I slogged away and made a little film, using the footage Daddy sent her, PLUS her interview. (before anyone complains about me doing her homework – no – not at all, she was next to me the whole time, learning how to use iMovie and ‘helping’). She decided to dress up in Wilburs work overalls to ‘jazz things up a bit’. Here’s where the Wilbur-ism comes in…..

“Mummy, do you want me to get Milla dressed while you get down Daddy’s trousers?”

Ummm – WHAT?

I am pretty sure I heard Daddy say “yes please”, even though he was 6000Km’s away from us at the time. Me, on the other hand, I held it together – otherwise I would need to explain to FOUR little girls why I was writhing in mirth on the floor because someone asked me to ‘get down Daddy’s trousers’!


Maybe you would like to check out Madisons FILUM…..


oil rigs from Kylie Clark on Vimeo.

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