would you look at that!

twice in two days!

This is a photo-ish post – of my M’s.  I had a quick bit of fun with them today – when I say quick – I really mean – ‘quick – catch me with the camera before I rub away from you mum’ type quick!  Seriously though – they would more than happy to make faces for me – even the Mackenzinator.  Gotta get it while it lasts I guess!

The above photo was taken at M2 and M3’s Take-abreak Christmas party!  There was lots of food, and M3 was getting stuck into it!  A few seconds after that shot – this happened:


Gotta love her work!

So – the object of today was just have a bit of fun with the girls.  I would ideally like to do this monthly for the next year – take each girl seperately and shoot ’em (only in the photographic sense of course…..) – and see how they grow over 12 months.  This was a practice month – it worked out OK!

The Mackenzinator.




Three girls huh!  We are in all sorts of trouble in a few years when they all grow up!  M1 turns 6 soon – and she is already a brat! All three of them are beautiful beings, and really – I wouldn’t change too much about them (or would I – *scratches head in deep thought*).

I think a couple of these photos deserve the limelight by themselves….


The Murph.  Her eyes are little melting pots.  In fact – they all have little melthing pots for eyes.  Swoon. She is such an dependently independent thing.  Want to do stuff by herself, yet can’t get herself down from a standing position (when she’s leaning on something) so she screams like a banshee until someone rescues her!  There’s no walking yet – not even any standing on her won yet – although I think she’ll catch onto that in the next week or two – if her ‘doting’ (that’s the diplomatic word for it) sisters let her do her own thing!


The Mackenzinator.  Such a trooper.  Such trouble. When she is in strife – she says to me ‘I wuv you mummy’.  So squishy and cuddly!


Ahh – Miss Madison. Heartbreaker here we come.  Love her to death – but golly gosh – she knows which buttons to push.

Today was M1’s end of year school excursion to the park.  It rained for the day.  The little M’s and I didn’t go – there was sleep to be had.  Apparently she had fun though. “I played with everyone mum” was all I could get out of her!

Tomorrow is th end of year class Christmas party.  They have al place a Kris Kringle gift under the tree and will distribute accordingly tomorrow.  They were give a list of things suitable as party food, and a discussion was had regarding which thing they thought would be easiest for their Mum/Dad/whoever to prepare so that it could be brought to the party.  the choices were along the lines of chips/lollies, fruit plate, healthy sandwiches, cakes/slices or drink.  Madsion picked ‘healthy sandwiches’! WHAT! Could she have picked fruit!  So much easier.  So – tomorrow morning I’ll be busy creating ‘healthy sandwiches.  What constitues a healhy sandwich?  I am guessing the same as we generally eat – ham, chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, egg – or maybe not egg – allergies – argh!  I’ll just make a heap and bung ’em on a plate – they’ll be right!

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