you get less for murder…..


To my darling Wilbur.

Ten years.  They say you get less for murder.  Actually – YOU say that, but I know you would prefer to spend 10 years with me, rather than watching your back when picking up soap in a jail cell.
This time ten years ago, I was most likely juggling a dress of some description (actually – if I remember correctly – it was very swanky, sexy and super low cut in the back region….. if you know what I mean). I may have also been juggling shoes with a heel (what was I thinking), a one year old Madison, and the knowledge that we had just conceived the Mackenzinator.  All of that PLUS a tenuous hold on Mum, who I think thought I was making the biggest mistake of my life, PLUS wondering how I was meant to look beautiful and not disheveled for an ENTIRE day, PLUS panicking about how many massive poo’s Madison would do during the ceremony.  Oh – and I was catching a boat to Point King.  Again.  What WAS I thinking?
Guess what.
It was fine.
We did all right!
We got married.  We still are married.  (Bonus)
Madison didn’t poo everywhere (she had never been known to – so I am not sure as to why she would start then!).
Mum ended up thinking you were the bees knees (you had her fooled!).
I didn’t fall over in heels, nor did I look like a hot frumpy mess by the end of the day.
Mackenzie was born nine months later, and then we followed up with a couple more gorgeous girls.  (No – for all that ask – we are NOT trying for a boy – can you really imagine a mini-Will in the house…..)
We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon / evening with our family and friends.  Just simple happiness.  Good job.
Sure – there’s been ups and downs in the last ten years.  You forget to keep track of time when at the yard being all testosterone-ish, and I subsequently think you’ve either been run over by a truck, or you are gallivanting off doing goodness knows what – next thing I know – I have divorced you, found somewhere new to live and am a single parent.  Yes.  My snowballing imagninatory skills are up there with my pavlova baking skills.  Awesome.  You’ve done some dumb stuff – like not thinking things through.  Or just not thinking full stop.  You are the only man I know that can simultaneously break my heart into a thousand pieces and fill it full of unwavering love all at once.
Of course – I am not perfect.  I am sure my tendency to agitate and worry over ‘stuff’ must drive you bananas.  BUT – my legs surely assist you in overcoming my negatives!
In ten years we have gained and learnt so so much, and have been through a thousand cyclonic whirls of emotion.  Life with you is truly like a roller coaster ride in the middle of a cyclone.  You give up so much – FIFO-ing away from your girls.  We miss you like crazy (then you come home and ruin my carefully planned routine and for a few moments I wish for you to leave again!).  We have managed to produce four amazing little girls.  I am still stunned at how we did that. (Not actually HOW we did – I’m up with that part!)  All of your girls worship the ground you walk on (me too….) and having you is pretty awesome.
I love that you are an ideas man (even if some of your ‘ideas’ have only come up because I planted the seed in your mind a few days earlier! – You know – so that you can think you came up with the bright ideal all by yourself – it’s OK – all women do it to their men-folk!).  I LOVE that you can fix anything with gaffa-tape, foam filler and cable ties.  I LOVE that you (mostly) drop everything to help me – all I need to do is ask.  I LOVE that you can make me fall asleep my stroking my head – even after hours of crying.  I LOVE that the girls clamber all over you like a big bear, and you just let them.  I LOVE that you are a John Farnham man (I whispered that so no-one else would hear!).  I LOVE that you are the BEST husband and father to our children I have ever had.
Bring on the next ten years, and the ten after that. I can’t say much about the ten after that – some other spunky bloke might have swept my off my feet with offers of constant flowers, offers of head tickles and lifelong tickets to John Farnham concerts!
Love you Wilbur. xoxo+1
Morington Peninsula photographer002 copy
Morington Peninsula photographer003 copy
Morington Peninsula photographer001 copy
Morington Peninsula photographer002
(Check that out – it’s taken me ten years of laughter to get the multitude of laughter lines I have now………)

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  • LOVE this exptession of Love from you KC, its like a wonderful story of truth thats continues from that moment 10 yrs ago, keep being who you are and sharing you stories of this Life with the Clarke girls and the man Wilbur, this is real ….. keep it going … love reading,,, puts life in perspective for me…. cheers JAI

  • That went quick…what an amazing day and how beautiful you both were (and still are, outside and in.)… Hope when will next flys in you can celebrate in style and try to envisage what amazing adventures still lie ahead!